Provacyl Review and Results 2021: Detail Info About Adropause (Male Menopause)

Andropause, often referred to as “Male menopause”, is a term that describes changes in the male hormone level. These changes are age-related. Just the way females undergo changes in their hormone levels, men experience mid-life hormonal changes as well. There are three main symptoms of andropause that can help in its diagnosis:

  • Deficiency of testosterone
  • Deficiency of androgen 
  • Relatively late occurrence of hypogonadism

Provacyl is an all-natural HGH and testosterone booster that is developed for men who experience andropause, likewise better referred to as male menopause, to help them once again take control of their lives.

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Individuals may go through male menopause at the age of 50 or more. This condition is often associated with hypogonadism. A decline in testosterone production is a common symptom of both of these conditions. 

What is testosterone?

Testosterone is a male sex hormone. It is often associated with ‘generation of sex drive’ only, however, it does more than that. The testosterone level comes into action during puberty and it serves an important function in boosting the individual’s mental and physical energy. It also caters to the sympathetic nervous system by controlling the flight-or-fight response in males. It regulates several important evolutionary aspects as well as maintaining your muscle mass. 

How to identify male menopause?

There are several physical and psychological symptoms of male menopause, as mentioned below:

  • Depression
  • Low energy level
  • Feeling low and sad
  • No motivation
  • Low self-esteem
  • Facing difficulty in focusing on something
  • Insomnia
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Reduced libido
  • Gaining body fat
  • Infertility
  • Loss of body hair
  • Tender breasts
  • Experiencing hot flashes

One of the symptoms of decreased testosterone level is osteoporosis. In this condition, the bones become very weak. Female menopause is associated with osteoporosis as well. 

Provacyl is a prescription-free supplement that counters the unfavorable effects of a guy’s aging process. Provacyl does not stop or reverse andropause.

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Is male menopause similar to female menopause?

Surprisingly, male menopause is nothing like female menopause. Unlike female menopause, male menopause is not experienced by all men. Some men experience it, others escape it completely. However, female menopause is experienced by all females. There are no exceptions whatsoever. Another big difference is that when a male experiences andropause, his reproductive organs do not face a complete shutdown. Male menopause is often characterized by sexual complications. 

What is the best way to tackle andropause?

Provacyl is a dietary supplement that cures andropause. It is manufactured with the freshest and most natural ingredients. The manufacturers of this supplement are cGMP certified. The most reassuring fact about this supplement is that it is manufactured by using the exact standard tests which are used to manufacture life-saving drugs. 

Main ingredients

1. Glutamine

Glutamine is an amino acid. It is utilized by the human body during a stressful time. It is very important for the proper functioning of the metabolism. Glutamine maintains cell divisions, regulates cell growth, and is also responsible for muscle maintenance. It helps the person to feel energized. It also makes the person feel focused and mentally alert. 

2. L-Arginine

Arginine, according to research, is the best ingredient for increasing Human Growth Hormone levels. It is so good at what it does that it can produce massive amounts of HGH even in old age. With this energy boost, the person regains their strength to perform intense workouts. 

3. L-Lysine

Lysine is basically the best friend for arginine. When lysine is used in combination with arginine, it gets ten times more efficient in regulating genital functioning as well as improving the immunity of the person. 

4. L-Glycine 

Glycine is also one of the best ingredients to increase HGH in the body. It works by stimulating the pituitary gland. The pituitary gland is responsible for the production of HGH so the stimulation really helps to increase the growth hormone level. 

5. L-Tyrosine

Thyroxine is an important hormone that is used by the body to counter tiredness, fatigue, and depression. It is also responsible for regulating our metabolism and growth. Tyrosine is an important ingredient because it can help the thyroid gland to produce the required amount of thyroxine. 

There are several other beneficial ingredients that are part of the provacyl formula. These ingredients are really beneficial for men going through andropause. 


There are countless benefits of this magical dietary supplement. Recently, andropause is being given quite a lot of attention by medical experts. They have proved through various experimentations that the possibility of a man in his 50s to regain his strength, youth, and agility is not impossible. With certain dietary supplements, it can be achieved. The intake of amino acids, peptides, sufficient nutrients, and herbal ingredients, can kickstart your system.

Based on this research, provacyl has been manufactured to help men rejuvenate their bodies, abandon a weak and fatigued lifestyle, and get back to being healthy and fresh. 

This magical dietary supplement will do wonders for your physical and sexual health. It can generate sex drive, boost energy levels, and effectively reduce various signs of aging. Regular intake may even lead to the complete elimination of old age symptoms.

Why you should trust provacyl?

If you are experiencing symptoms of male menopause, you are probably seeking a solution. Nobody likes to feel constantly low, energy-deprived, and depressed. If you are facing such problems, and you need to relieve yourself physically and mentally, you can resort to the intake of provacyl. It is an excellent supplement that may even be called a cure for old age itself. The question most customers have in their minds right now is, why should we trust provacyl in the first place? 

The answer is simple. Provacyl manufacturers confidently offer 67 days full-refund guarantee in case the customer is unsatisfied. For instance, if a customer buys a bottle of provacyl and uses it for a couple of weeks, they can determine whether the supplement is helping them in some way or not.

In case the customer does not feel any changes whatsoever, whether it is an improvement in their energy levels or a decrease in fatigue, they can contact the company and request a refund. If the request is made within 67 days from the delivery day, it will be accepted. The customer will get a full refund, excluding the shipping charges of course. 

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Although it is highly unlikely for provacyl to leave a customer unimpressed, the money-back guarantee is still on the table. This refund guarantee is a good way for the company to build its credibility. There are many people who are nervous shoppers and are apprehensive of buyer’s remorse. For such people, it is a huge assurance. With this facility, any person can try provacyl at least once. The chances of disappointment are quite low. 

If the customer buys more than one container and wants to return it within 67 days, the unopened containers can be returned easily. The person will get a full refund for all of the containers they return. It is the duty of the customer to beware of the 67-day policy. If you exceed the limit, you might not be able to request a refund. 

How does provacyl work anyway?

Well, the science behind this dietary supplement is transparent. Based on recent medical research, cGMP certified manufacturers have formulated this amazing anti-aging supplement for men. The standards, tests, and procedures that were followed to achieve this supplement have been published in various medical journals that validate its benefits. 

Provacyl has successfully improved the cardiac and renal functioning of the people. It has effectively improved thyroid hormone metabolism and bone conditions. Many customers reported having experienced a very positive impact on their psychological well-being. The secretion of the growth hormone is essential to tackle the effects of aging. It helps to reduce frailty, boosts the person’s strength to such high levels that the person can perform rigorous exercises. This growth hormone secretion is also really vital to muscle mass production. 

One of the effects of aging is obesity, especially abdomen fat. Obesity is a major health concern and it is one of the biggest causes of cardiac problems. In order to tackle this problem, men should resort to the intake of provacyl. Fortunately, the benefits of this supplement extend to improving the functioning of metabolism. As a result, muscle mass production gets better and the chances of body fat reduction are increased. It leaves the person feeling lightweight, strong, young, and extremely agile. 

Tips to treat menopause 

Along with the intake of provacyl, there are several things that a person must practice in order to boost the functioning of provacyl and eliminate andropause. 

1. Eating healthy is the key. If you are ingesting a lot of fatty foods in your 50s, there is no wonder your metabolism is getting slower and your overall health, strength, and energy is being compromised. This is why it is important to eat healthily.

2. Most people give up exercise when they hit their 50s. it is the worst decision you can take for yourself. It is important to get an adequate amount of physical activity.

3. If you stay up late, you must know it is extremely harmful to your health at this age. It is important to get a good night’s sleep in order to stay healthy and young. 

4. Try to reduce the stress in your life and focus more on the positive aspects. 

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