Astonishing facts about hiring movers in California

So, you have decided to take a step ahead and make the very difficult decision of your life that is to relocate or plan a move. This will be the most stressful time you will ever have if you haven’t planned it properly. If you’re planning to move your house or business to an entirely new state or place then you must be cautious about how you will take the things and most importantly, how will you carry them? Right, if yes then choosing the right moving company is what you have to do. The right moving company will make your move a smooth one. Moving is one of the most exciting adventures you’ll ever do, whether you’re crossing the city lines, or changing homes you’ll embark on a journey to a lot of adventures. Indeed, it is one of the most exciting as well as the strenuous process.

Your Movers will handle all the stuff including your biggest price possession you’ll ever have. How will you trust them and their hands while trudging the things from one place to another? Preparation is a key facet, otherwise, it will become a nightmare when you’re not prepared for the things that will come in your way while moving and also the hurdles the process itself will follow. As we all know, there are many hurdles involved in each step of the process, it is always better to hire packers and movers so that they can make your task easy.

If you think that moving is an easy task then trust us it is not. Doing packing, unpacking, transportation takes a lot on your mind. This is the reason you should hire professional movers not only do they pack all the stuff but will also help in unpacking but before that let’s discuss some astonishing facts about the move, movers, and moving companies in California.

Astonishing Facts about Movers in California

●       Moving is one of the most stressful activities around the globe, which takes a toll on your mental well-being.

●       In the United States, especially in California one-third of the renters move.

●       The entire population of California is 40 million and you will be amazed by the fact that around 40 million people move around the United States, alone.

●       More than 40% of U.S relocations happen 11.3 times in a lifetime which is almost once in 7 times. And mostly it happens at the start of the midseason that is the may.

●       Lets differentiate the moves that are 42% are job-related, 38% personal moves and 20% are house moves.

But above all else, the basic question that arises from the above information is how to know which moving company is the best one for you and the move? Whether their services are good enough or not? Do not worry about this, we have planned a proper list of things that are needed and should be considered before hiring any professional movers.

Things while keeping in mind before hiring movers

  • Experience matters

You need to look at how long the company is in the industry because the longer a company is in the industry the more experience a company has.  The company which has a good experience will indeed be knowing all the things and can help you ease up the process. Don’t be afraid of asking questions to your movers, ask them the amount of experience they amass. If you have any doubts regarding the move then ask the questions from your movers. As they are the ones who will be accountable for all the problems that will occur in the process.

  • Ask questions

You have full authorization to ask the moving company about the required documents that will prove their existence and authorization too. This will include the most important US dot number which is important for moving companies. If any scenario, you have a problem with the moving company by using this DOT number you can file an against the company and can avoid the further grievances. There are many other documents too which are required and are equally important for verification.

  • Be Active

You should be aware of the rules and responsibilities when you move and your mover will help, your mover has to give you the booklet by the federal government every time they will move your things and will plan a systemic moving journey. This booklet will provide you with all the necessary information about the moving services such as what will happen when goods will get damaged, stolen, or lost. Make sure that the moving company you’re choosing and the movers you’re hiring is registered with the federal government. For you all, we have prepared a proper paper of information on “Moving to California guide“. This will help you in selecting the best moving company and also the things that you need to be considered before that.

  • Do your initial Research

Before finalizing the moving company look at their website, see all the reviews that have been uploaded there as they will act as references for most of the time, and also you can reach out to people who have taken their services. Do your initial research and shortlist some of the moving companies you think can be the best suited for the journey. Companies that will cater to all your requirements and then you can scan each one of them slowly, and then decide which one you want. And also, when you are hiring professional movers you should tell all the items that will be moved and ask them before the move that there any items that they won’t carry because each company has its own set of rules and regulations.

Planning a move will never be easy but things will be in safe hands then the process will indeed get easy. You don’t have to take unnecessary stress over things that don’t even need to be stressed off. The right company and the right movers will probably make your biggest decision of life that is “relocate” a worthy one.