5 ingenious ideas to become the apple of your boss’s eye

Have you felt stressed due to an unhappy boss? One cannot feel comfortable in an office when his boss is not satisfied with his performance.

One of the key factors to achieve heights of success in a company is making your boss happy. Once he’s satisfied with your performance and work, he may assign you an important position.

These 5 tips will help you to be your boss’s apple of the eye:

1.   Never underestimate the importance of a gift

Bosses who really care for their employees are very rare in this cruel world. If your boss treats you as an asset rather than a worker, you are a blessed individual.

There’s nothing wrong with giving your boss a gift on his special occasion like a birthday or a boss day.

Always choose thoughtful gifts for your boss that can make him happy like a LED floating globe lamp, ceramic mug, eyeglass holder, etc. Giving a gift to a boss can make you stand-out in your office.

2.   Reach your office right on-time

Always get to your job a few minutes early, because you won’t be able to make your impression if you always reach the office late.

Especially when you are brand-new in a job, and you want your boss to notice you, reach your office right on-time.

3.   Know the priorities of your boss

If you are good at anticipation, you are almost there. To be the apple of his eye, know the priorities of your boss.

Knowing about the nature and priorities of your boss will enable you to implement specific strategies that can impress your boss.

An employer sees his employee as his mirror image if the employee is fully aware of his likes and dislikes. Moreover, it is an ingenious way of getting promotion sooner than later.

4.   Respect your boss

Never try to over-shadow your boss and always give the much-needed respect your boss deserves. If your boss has given you power in an office, don’t try to be the king.

As an employee, you have to understand that there’s a kingmaker who has a more significant role to play. It’s your ethical responsibility to respect your boss and makes him feel that’s the one who is the reason behind the success of his company.

If you want to be your boss’s favorite employee, show empathy, and you will surely get success.  

5.   At work, always give your 110%

You are being paid by your supervisor, and he’s right to demand your full efforts for his company. When you are at work, never think that you don’t belong to this company and you are only here for your salary.

Give your 110% at work, and show the world what you are capable of doing. Do your company’s work with full dedication and commitment.

We assure you; if you follow these tips, sooner, you will be your boss’s favorite employee.