Meet the Katy City Council Candidates: Diane Walker

By George Slaughter

Diane Walker (photo courtesy Diane Walker)

Diane Walker, a life insurance broker, is seeking her first term on the Katy City Council. She is seeking the Ward A seat presently held by incumbent Janet Corte.

Corte is seeking reelection. Dharminder Dargan, an engineer, has also filed for the seat.

Term of office is three years.

1. Why do you want this job?

I have wanted to be on city council since I was a little girl. I want to be a part of keeping this city the amazing town it is. I want Katy to continue to be a town my kids and grandkids will want to live in. I also love meeting new people and hearing their thoughts on what they like and what they would like to see in the future.

2. Briefly discuss your professional background, and how that will help if you if elected.

I spent 11 years on active duty in the U.S Navy and 13 years as a federal law enforcement analyst. I believe that working within the government gives me a much better understanding of how the government works and allows me to navigate within governmental organizations better than those with only private sector backgrounds. I have gone over all the city ordinances and the city charter. I have spent months reviewing and making notes on the last three years of budgets. This week alone I have reread the last three years of city council meeting minutes so I can be familiar with the past issues, projects, and procedures. I am not doing this because I am bored- I am running so that I can give the residents a voice and help make changes where needed. I am an analyst by trade. Research and tough questions are a welcomed challenge and my passion.

3. If elected, what would your top three priorities for the city be, and why?

My top three priorities are public safety, continued flood mitigation and parks. We have some amazing first responders and I want to make sure they are fully supported. I would also like to make sure that as we grow we have a plan in place to protect our citizens. I would like to continue to see the city’s flood mitigation plans completed in a timely and cost effective manner. I would also like to see our detention ponds double as parks for our residents. We have some pretty awesome parks and I would like to see more of them around the city

4. “Smart growth” has become a catchphase for managing the city’s growth. How would you define “smart growth,” and what measures would you support towards that end?

I would like to see commercial property along the outskirts of town and not mixed into the middle of a neighborhood. We need to keep our neighborhoods quiet and peaceful.

5. How have you been able to campaign, given the pandemic restrictions (avoiding large gatherings, social distancing, and so forth)?

I have continued to campaign via telephone, door knocking, and I post on social media almost daily. I am also very involved in the community and have continued to attend events around town.  I even met some new residents via Zoom!

6. Is there anything else about your candidacy that Katy News readers should know?

There seems to be an assumption that if you aren’t originally from Katy your opinion doesn’t matter.  This is absolutely false! Whether you have been here for 50 years or one day, you matter. I agree that the people who have lived here for generations are a big part of the history, but I also believe that the “newcomers” are our future legacy. Katy is changing and we can’t keep doing things one way because “that is how it’s always been done.” We need to all join together as a community and be able to respectfully express our ideas and concerns and be heard. I will be the candidate to keep bringing together the natives and the new, the young families and the retired individuals. Get out and vote!