Meet the Katy City Council Candidates: Chris Harris

By George Slaughter

Chris Harris (photo courtesy Chris Harris)

Chris Harris, an analyst at the U.S. Department of Justice, is seeking his second term as council member-at-large on the Katy City Council.

Following the election of Mayor Bill Hastings last year, Harris was appointed mayor pro tem.

Harris has drawn no opponents this election. The term is for three years.

1. Why do you want this job?

Serving as council member and being appointed as mayor pro tem is the honor of a lifetime. I enjoy being able to help constituents, represent the city in a positive way, and guiding the city to be a place for my children and grandchildren. I strive to be available and attend as many events in the city as possible and provide exceptional constituent service when people ask questions and seek representation at City Hall.

2. Briefly discuss your professional background, and how that will help if you if elected.

I have served in public safety for over 20 years from volunteer fire fighter, to law enforcement support and emergency management. My time serving on city council and as the mayor pro tem has allowed me to experience the necessary process to provide the citizen effective representation.

3. If elected, what would your top three priorities for the city be, and why?

My goals will be flood mitigation, public safety and parks. I work every day to continue to fight for additional projects that will protect Katy from storm water. We cannot be a destination city without proper drainage. Having the best police, fire and EMS keeps our citizens safe and is the frontline on city and community interaction. Parks are one of the reasons families move to Katy and long-time residents stay, I have been a leader on city council in lobbying city administration to find and purchase for public use more greenspace in the city. Also, I want to find ways to make our stormwater detention ponds as parks.

4. “Smart growth” has become a catchphase for managing the city’s growth. How would you define “smart growth,” and what measures would you support towards that end?

Growth has been affecting our community for many years. We need to properly zone our city, so in 20 years we are still that small-town Katy. Doing that by allowing areas to revert to residential if not being used for commercial and commercial zoning around our outskirts, allows convenient living for citizens but protects our quiet neighborhoods.

5. How have you been able to campaign, given the pandemic restrictions (avoiding large gatherings, social distancing, and so forth)?

I pride myself on attending as many functions and ZOOM calls with residents and groups as possible. Also, I am constantly working to meet new residents and welcoming them to Katy. I was honored to not have an opponent this year, but I will be working just as hard today, tomorrow and for the length of my service on city council to earn, gain and keep your trust in me.

6. Is there anything else about your candidacy that Katy News readers should know?

Simply, I love this community. My wife grew up in Katy, we knew we wanted to be here and stay. There are so many positive ways every day that our town contributes to the lives of everyone living here. I want a small-town Katy to leave to my children to live, work, and play.