Houston Prepares for the Cajun Nation Cajun Seasoning Evasion Geaux Get Red Can Revolution is Here

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Cajun Nation Cajun Seasoning has arrived in Houston. What is Cajun Nation Cajun Seasoning? It is a Louisiana based company owned and operated by two brothers who formulated a low sodium Cajun seasoning to share with other family members, friends and neighbors. The vision was to provide a low sodium product with a great taste for those who enjoy cooking at home, “Real People Cooking Real Food.” https://cajun-nation.com/

The product line includes, Cajun seasoning, Garlic Pepper sauce, two Chow-Chow sauces (green and red), seasoning packets and merchandise. Currently, the business that started as a part-time effort, has grown with a nationwide fan base. “Our family likes to cook and we were looking for a real good seasoning to barbecue and cook with that was healthier than what was already out there” said Alfonzo Bolden, Founder and Owner of Cajun Nation Cajun Seasoning. 

What sparked the idea to do a seasoning?                                                                               

The brothers grew up a few miles from the Morton salt plant. Home cooked meals and well-seasoned food was part of their upbringing. Following an extensive search of the current market to find a seasoning that would not negatively affect high blood pressure, the brothers sought an alternative. Finding none, they focused on developing their own seasonings that included great flavor without a lot of sodium and without MSG.  “My brother and I realized we had the makings of a flavorful seasoning, so we just refined it and the rest is history,” Alfonzo added.

Where can folks buy Cajun Nation?

Currently, it is selling in 40 locations nationwide and customers as far as Alaska have been ordering the seasoning and the other products from their online store.

The goal of Cajun Nation Cajun Seasoning is simple; to share this fabulous flavor of Southern Louisiana spices with Houston and the rest of the nation. “We feel confident that once you try our Cajun seasoning and realize that it’s healthier than our competitors, you will want to put at least two of those RED cans in your pantry,” said Troy Bolden,  “Low sodium and no MSG are winners in our book, especially since we both have been diagnosed with hypertension and we use it daily to season the food that our family eats.”

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