Best Kratom for Pain: Strains, Dosage & Effects

Chronic Pain is something millions of people experience every day. It may be from a hormonal illness like PCOS, heart disease, or even cancer. People spend hundreds of dollars on painkillers, but there is a natural alternative for pain relief.

Kratom comes from an evergreen tree in Southeast Asia and contains alkaloid compounds. This article will discuss how a natural herbal supplement like Kratom can help manage pain relief and which strains are the best out there.

How Did We Decide the Top Kratom Strains?

We don’t want to put words on your mouth, so we list out factors that can help you decide the right Kratom supplement.

Our bodies are all structured differently, so we have some factors you may look into when choosing the Kratom you need.

  • Body composition (weight, size, and height)
  • Emotional strength
  • How is your physical health?
  • Do you have a slow or fast metabolism?
  • What is your lifestyle? Are you an active or sedentary person?
  • What are your eating habits?
  • What type of pain management do you need?
  • Kratom Quality

The list above are factors you need to keep in mind when choosing the right Kratom strain for yourself.

We recommend Red Kratom if it is your first time receiving Kratom treatment as this provides a wide variety of benefits but gives less potent side effects than white Kratom.

Red Kratom performs exceptionally well and is very similar to sedative drugs and painkillers. You may increase the dosage to increase the effectivity of the Kratom, giving you better results. You won’t experience any adverse side effects like dizziness and confusion unless you intake a too high Kratom dose.

Red Kratom is an herbal supplement that aids in managing withdrawal symptoms when getting off alcohol, narcotics, and opium. This herbal supplement boosts your mood and clears your mind and relieves your physical and emotional pain.

Keep in mind that each individual’s body is different, and the factors above are some questions you may ask yourself to help find the best Kratom strain for you and the condition you would like to treat.

Top Kratom Strains for Pain

#1. Maeng Da Kratom

Red Vein Maeng Da Kratom is one of the most popular strains for managing pain due to its high dose of flavonoids and alkaloids compared to other Kratom strains. The Red Vein Maeng De Kratom comes from mature, ripe trees in Southeast Asia ground into a fine grind.

Maeng Da Kratom has a pleasing and robust smell with bright green hues when crushed into a powder consistency. Red Maeng Da has a higher alkaloid content, making it perfect for daytime use as a stimulant without sedating effects.

Red Maeng Da helps improve several conditions and gives multiple benefits like enhanced energy, antioxidant, pain relief, and antidepressant.

  • Pain Relief

Red Maeng Da has high alkaloids and analgesic properties, helping relieve pain like muscle pain, chronic pain, and tiredness. Its alkaloid content is similar to morphine without adverse effects, which helps manage different types of pain.

Despite the similar alkaloids in morphine, it does not have the same adverse effects of morphine and doesn’t cause dizziness and unconsciousness.

The tendency to develop a dependency on the Red Maeng Da strain when taken at low dosages is unlikely than morphine.

  • Increased Energy Levels

A unique benefit of Red Maeng Da is its energy-boosting features. Caffeine is another alkaloid that helps keep energy levels high and improve your focus.

Red Maeng Da includes alkaloid, which increases your energy level without the nervousness, anxiety, insomnia, and digestive issues, which are adverse side effects caffeine induces.

Red Maeng Da is excellent for reducing the fatigue and tiredness you feel without having to rely on caffeine and experience its side effects. Expect to have increased energy levels and improved focus with this herbal supplement alternative.

  • Mood Booster

Red Maeng Da is a natural stimulant that has antidepressant properties. Red Maeng Da boosts and lifts your mood naturally, and it helps relieve the emotional type of pains. This strain gives you an uplifting perspective, reducing depression and increasing productivity.

You may use Red Maeng Da during the daytime to soothe and calm your nerves and clear your mind, improving your productivity and sense of self. This herbal supplement also helps you in pushing yourself forward.

  • Improve Sleep

When taken at higher doses, Red Maeng Da can act as a sedative, helping people who have trouble sleeping or insomnia. The calming effects of Red Maeng Da help in reducing the stress in your brain and improve your sleep during the night better.

Red Maeng Da is a great strain that helps in relieving pain. However, its main features are its energy and mood-boosting benefits you can get if you intake the strain.

We do not recommend taking high dosages of any Kratom strain to prevent affecting your cognitive abilities negatively and dependency on the supplement. With the right dosage, you can achieve its benefits without adverse side effects.

  • Relieves Anxiety

Red Maeng Da is excellent for soothing and relaxing your nerves because of its opioid-like qualities without the adverse side effects. Red Maeng Da helps relieve those feelings of nervousness and helps keep you calm and focused throughout the day.

  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome

A side effect of drinking caffeine to stay awake and keep focus is Irritable Bowel Syndrome. This effect may apply to some people who drink coffee, have anxiety, or naturally have Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

A great benefit Red Maeng Da gives is naturally boosting your energy levels without the acidic effects of caffeine in your intestine. According to a research study, intaking Kratom can help with Irritable Bowel Syndrome and diarrhea.

  • Helps Manage Opiate Withdrawal

Red Maeng Da is an excellent Kratom used for managing withdrawal symptoms from Opiates. Its similar properties to Opiates can help manage the withdrawal symptoms of Opiate use.

Opiate withdrawal symptoms may include fever, fits, and body pain. Red Maeng Da is a Kratom strain that mimics opium’s soothing and calming effects with fewer side effects and gradually helps the user get off Opiates.

  • Reduce Lower Back Pain or Arthritis

A potent red Kratom strain like Red Borneo is excellent for Joint Inflammation like arthritis or lower back pain. It has natural anti-inflammatory properties and helps improve conditions like Fibromyalgia, chronic pain, and Joint Inflammation.

Kratom has mitragynine and 7-hydroxy mitragynine as its ingredients, which bind to your pain receptors and reduce the feelings of pain you receive. Red Maeng Da has fast-acting abilities, and effects can be felt 5 to 10 minutes after taking the supplement.

  • Good Starter Kratom

Red Maeng Da is a recommended strain for people who are just starting with Kratom treatment. The Red Maeng Da is available in both capsule and powder form, making it suitable for beginners to try it in a capsule form first.

It is readily available and convenient to intake, which makes it a favorite for new users. The capsule form also makes it more convenient to take during any time of the day than the loose powder form.

As with all Kratom strains, we do not recommend taking high dosages of Kratom for long periods. Intaking high dosages of Maeng Da Kratom can cloud your physical ability to function and put you in a sedative mode.

If you have existing or underlying medical conditions, consult your physician before intaking Kratom to ensure that the supplement is not hindering your medication.

#2. Red Vein Bali Kratom

Red Vein Bali Kratom is a traditional kratom with at least 25 alkaloids in it. It has the highest amount of alkaloids compared to other Kratom strains. The Red Vein Bali Kratom was harvested from Southeast Asia by the indigenous tribe with decades of knowledge and experience.

Red Vein Bali Kratom has a calm and soothing scent. It has dark green leaves with a red vein running from it, hence the product name. With the highest amount of alkaloid, The Red Vein Bali Kratom is perfect for handling pain.

  • Reduces Anxiety

Red Vein Bali is excellent in lowering your stress levels due to its calming properties and opioid-like qualities without the adverse side effects given by opioids. Red Vein Bali helps you stay calm and focused for the entire day.

The versatility of the Red Vein Bali powder lets you consume the supplement as an addition to a drink or a form of a capsule. Both have high bioavailability, and you would instantaneously feel the effect once you take it.

  • Pain Killer

One of the best properties that Red Vein Bali has is its high amounts of alkaloids in it. Red Vein Bali’s high alkaloid content gives the supplement analgesic properties that help manage different types of pain. Red Bali is suitable for severe kinds of pain.

Red Vein Bali Kratom has Mitragynine as an ingredient that binds on your pain receptors and helps reduce pain like most pain killers.

However, unlike Morphine and Opiates, Red Vein Bali does not cause any adverse side effects, and with the correct amount of dosage, a dependency is not a problem.

  • Improved Energy Levels

Due to its high alkaloid contents, Red Vein Bali can help boost your energy levels without adverse side effects. Alkaloid is a component commonly found in energy drinks and caffeine that increases your energy levels and keeps you awake.

Unlike caffeine and energy drinks, the alkaloid content in Red Vein Bali does not cause common caffeine symptoms like shakiness, nervousness, and digestive acidity.

  • Antidepressant

Red Bali Kratom helps elevate your energy levels and reducing your stress levels. The supplement has a relaxing aroma and properties that can reduce stress levels and manage discomfort.

Red Bali Kratom helps boost your mood as well, uplifting your spirits and helping you get back on track with daily tasks that you have difficulty doing because of depression and stress.

  • Reduce the Risk of Neurodegenerative Disorders

Neurodegenerative disorders like Parkinson’s disease and Dementia are hard to battle against because they lie in the brain.

The alkaloids in Red Bali Kratom help prevent neurodegenerative disorders and is a herbal medicinal alternative to synthetic medicines containing alkaloid components.

Alkaloids in Red Bali helps reduce the deterioration of memory and cognitive functions with its alkaloid components and natural antioxidant effect.

  • Anti-Addicting Effects

People who suffer from an excessive dosage of Opiates have difficulty getting off the drug because of its withdrawal symptoms. Red Bali offers the same sedative effects of Opiate without the risk of dependency.

Red Bali helps users in managing Opiate and alcohol withdrawal symptoms until the user can finally fully come off the drug.

  • Improve Sexual Performance

Another great benefit of Red Bali is improved sexual performance. The increased energy levels and an increase in your body temperature can help improve libido and endurance in bed.

Increased energy levels are essential for performing physical activities and prolonging your endurance in bed.

  • Affordability

The Red Bali Kratom is readily available compared to other strains, and because of this, the price of Red Vein Bali is considerably lower than different strains. It is also available in capsule or powder form, taken with water or mixed into water.

Red Vein Bali Kratom is a potent strain suitable for severe pain and relaxing effects. However, we do not recommend intaking high dosages of Kratom and advise users to stick to the recommended dose per strain to ensure you get the maximum results without adverse side effects.

If you have existing or underlying medical conditions, be sure to consult your physician first before taking Kratom treatment.

#3. Red Borneo Kratom

Red Borneo Kratom is one of the classic strains of Kratom. Red Borneo Kratom comes from Southeast Asia, where indigenous tribes harvest the leaves from mature trees and ground in a traditional way to produce sugar-like consistency.

Red Borneo is more potent than Red Bali, and it has a dark green appearance with an earthy and pleasing smell. Ultra-Enhanced Red Borneo Kratom uses a production method that boils down a dense Kratom resin and adds high alkaloid concentrations for more effective results.

Red Borneo Kratom has several benefits like pain management, antidepressant features, and reduced anxiety. Below are some of the benefits of Red Borneo Kratom.

  • Mild Relief for Acute Pain

Red Borneo Kratom is a mild pain reliever suitable for the acute type of pain. However, it is ideal for long-term use as well, and with the recommended dose, there should be fewer to no side effects.

A higher dose of Red Borneo Kratom can help relieve chronic pains and give a sedative effect without nausea and dizziness some painkillers can induce. Red Borneo is a slow-acting pain reliever suitable for mild acute pains and people looking to boost their mood.

  • Calms Your Nerves

Another great benefit of Red Borneo is its relaxing scent. As soon as you intake Red Borneo, you will feel that it instantly soothes and calms your nerves. This benefit is especially helpful for people who are suffering a great deal of stress and anxiety.

Red Borneo calms your nerves and helps you get through the day without feeling any nervousness or stress and improve your overall focus to increase productivity throughout the day.

  • Gives Happiness and Contentment

Red Borneo is known for its significant euphoric effects. An intake of Red Borneo can increase your happiness and improve your overall mood. Red Borneo is a great mood booster that uplifts your spirit by giving you euphoric effects.

Red Borneo is a slow type of strain. However, it does not cause any drowsiness and sleepiness compared to other strains while giving you pleasurable and uplifting effects. This strain can provide mood-boosting properties that help improve your sense of self.

  • Improve Focus

Red Borneo increases your cognitive abilities and sharpens your focus without the need for other alkaloids like caffeine. Improvement of your focus is crucial for getting intensive work done without any distractions.

However, your physical sharpness may decline if you increase the dosage of Red Borneo Kratom. Always keep in mind the recommended dosage of Kratom to avoid clouding your physical edge.

  • Helps with Alcohol Withdrawal

Excessive use of alcohol can slow down your brain functions and induce depressive effects. Withdrawal from alcohol can cause adverse effects like Insomnia, fever, and even high blood pressure.

Red Borneo Kratom strain helps alleviate blood pressure and gives sedative-like effects without the dependency on the strain. Once you intake Red Borneo, you will feel a great sense of calm without relying on alcohol.

Red Borneo helps users reduce alcohol intake and dependency gradually by giving them the same feel without the same side effects.

  • Antidepressant

Like most Kratom strains, Red Borneo has natural antidepressant properties, which helps in dealing with depression. People who combat depression tend to have reduced energy levels, making it difficult to go through their essential daily tasks.

The combined effects of Red Borneo, which helps increase your energy levels and uplift your mood, is a great help to people dealing with depression for them to get through their difficult daily struggles.

  • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

Multiple people suffering from Post-traumatic stress disorders caused by traumatic events in their lives, symptoms of Post-traumatic Stress disorder include increased anxiety levels, excessive sweating, and rapid heartbeat.

Red Borneo is a great stress-reliever that you can intake even during the daytime. Borneo’s calming and soothing effects do not decrease or cloud your cognitive abilities and instead improve your focus, unlike other sedative drugs.

This strain is perfect for intaking during any time of the day when the user has stress triggers that can cause them extreme high levels of anxiety.

  • Improved Energy Levels

The alkaloid components in Red Borneo boosts your energy levels without adverse side effects. The Ultra Enhanced version of Red Borneo has increased alkaloid contents included, which improves its energy-boosting features.

Red Borneo Kratom is perfect for getting back from that slump and restarting your day for increased productivity. After intaking Red Borneo, you would feel revitalized, and tiredness and fatigue can no longer hinder your work.

Red Borneo Kratom offers a fantastic array of benefits, but we do not recommend taking high doses of Kratom strains at prolonged periods. A common side effect of Red Borneo Kratom is nausea when taken at high doses.

If you have underlying medical conditions, consult your physician before participating in Kratom treatment.

How Does Kratom Work Against Pain?

Kratom attaches to your pain receptors and reduces the amount of pain you feel. Kratom can treat various kinds of pain, whether it be physical or emotional pain. This herbal supplement can be used with varying doses according to your preference.

Because Kratom is a natural herbal supplement, you do not need to worry about any adverse side effects. Kratom is suitable for any type of pain as well, including emotional distress.

Kratom is a great natural herbal supplement alternative for pain killers, its affordable and readily available.

Below are some conditions that Kratom can help manage:

  • Any type of pain
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Lack of energy
  • Stress
  • Diarrhea
  • Weight loss
  • Post-traumatic Stress Disorder
  • Sclerosis
  • Chronic pain conditions
  • Ehlers Danlos syndrome
  • Autoimmune diseases

Kratom can help relieve these conditions and many more. It helps manage both physical and emotional pain. Kratom is an herbal supplement alternative that instantly boosts your mood, reduces your pain, and enhance your energy.

Kratom is an excellent alternative to costly painkillers because it gives the same pain-relieving effect for a more affordable cost with added benefits. Below is a list of Kratom strains and their information to further help you choose the right strain for you.

Kratom is also great for managing Opiate and Alcohol withdrawal symptoms because it provides similar calming effects without the adverse side effects and dependency when taken at correct dosages.

Where to Buy the Best Kratom Strains?

There are multiple sites online when it comes to buying high-quality Kratom. It is essential to only buy from the most trusted companies to ensure your Kratom strain is high-quality and legal in production.

We highly recommend ordering your Kratom strains in Kraken Kratom. Kraken Kratom is a company based in Oregon and is considered one of the leading Kratom vendor. The reason for this is because they deliver high-quality products at an affordable price.

Kraken Kratom offers a wide variety of Kratom strains sourced in high-quality and ensuring consistent quality. The company is also transparent about their production methods, so rest assured that there are no harmful chemicals in your Kratom.

Kratom has Ultra Enhanced Red Kratom strains, as well as green and white veins if you chose not to use Red Kratom, so there is a lot to choose from, and indeed, you will find the strain right for you.

They have different packs you could choose from, one of which is the beginner’s pack, perfect for new people to Kratom treatment. The package includes red, white, and green vein kratom, which you can get in powder or capsule form to try out and find out which Kratom strain is best for you.

Kraken Kratom also offers excellent customer service, and you may contact them at any of their contact information or mailing address listed at their site.

In case you’re not satisfied with the product. Don’t worry, though. All products are eligible for a full money refund with no questions asked. Another great thing with Kraken Kratom is they offer same-day delivery.

You may purchase the highest quality Kratom on kraken Kratom and assure your product’s safety and quality.

Conclusion: Does Kratom Work for Pain?

Suppose you are one of the many people suffering from chronic pain or any other pain like physical and emotional pain. In that case, there is an herbal alternative to those expensive and harmful painkillers.

We recommend Kratom as an alternative to pain management. Red Kratom is excellent for people who are new to receiving Kratom treatment. You can obtain its benefits like increased energy, mood booster, and pain relief.

Kraken Kratom is a good source of Kratom strains, which ensures your Kratom’s quality and safety. However, if you are under any medication or unsure about your Kratom’s legality in your state, consult your physician, and do your research before purchasing Kratom strains.