Cacao Bliss Reviews (Danette May) – Does Earth Echo Cacao Bliss Really Work?    

Cacao Bliss by Earth Echo is an absolutely delicious superfood powder that enhances your health in multiple ways. The raw cacao in this formula has been expertly and superiorly processed to ensure that its innate properties that are beneficial for health aren’t lost.

Since this is a product free of sugars and yet sweet, your chocolate cravings are satiated without an increase in your consumption of calories. If you’re a chocolate lover who wants to indulge in chocolate treats without any guilt or regrets, you should give this superfood elixir blend a chance.

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Earth Echo Cacao Bliss has been paired with the best vitamins and minerals as well as turmeric and MCT oil to deliver great results for your heart, digestive, mental and other aspects of health. Intrigued? You can learn more about this stellar product by diving into the review below.

Cacao Bliss Review

Are you a big fan of chocolate? Who’s not! Alas, to meet your love for chocolate often means that you’ll have to sacrifice your beauty and your health. You’d have heard – eating more chocolate causes an increase in calories which means you put on weight. And that’s not all – your granny might even have warned you that too much chocolate can cause diarrhea, high blood sugar as well as acne.

The bad news? Most milk and dark chocolates do have these nasty side effects, so your grandma is not completely speaking of myths. The good news? There’s a great way you can enjoy decadent chocolate shakes, smoothies and desserts without having to worry about all these things. You see, in its true essence chocolate is pretty amazing for your health.

It can boost your mood and can also have an anti-aging effect on your skin. In fact, it can also help you drop some pounds! One chocolate product that helps you get all these benefits is Cacao Bliss. Formulated by Danette May, this is a superfood blend, certified by USDA and coming from a reliable company, that brings to you pure cacao processed in such a manner that its potency and purity aren’t lost.

Coming in the form of a powder, this blend of nature’s purest and finest ingredients benefits many areas of your health including your mood, digestion, appetite, and more. It is also a quality product that has been manufactured in the best way which makes certain that you’re able to enjoy it without worrying about any accompanying adverse side effects.

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Cacao Bliss Ingredients

To make the chocolate in this product even more beneficial for your health it has been combined with certain superfoods that are all natural. Cacao Bliss by Danette May has raw cacao as its main ingredient. Additional ingredients include turmeric powder for its anti-inflammatory properties, MCT powder as well as berberine for enhancing the bioavailability of turmeric.

The healthy blend also comprises of monk fruit, cinnamon, sea salt, lucuma powder, mesquite powder, and a bunch of minerals and vitamins. Magnesium has been added in the formula for it is often deficient in the body as you grow older and plays very important roles. Potassium, copper, zinc, selenium, manganese, and phosphorus are also part of this formula. Antioxidants, catechins, flavanols, and polyphenols are present in a rich concentration. So, you can see, that the composition is packed with powerful agents from nature.

Benefits For Your Health

As per Earth Echo, Cacao Bliss is abundant with ingredients that are needed by your body. No harmful agents have been included in the formula which ensures that you can take the powder daily completely safely. Though individual results may vary, below is a look at the benefits you can expect from this supplement:

  1. By adding this chocolate in your routine, you’ll notice that you have the increased stamina to improve your workout. Moreover, it also decreases the inflammation and fatigue that accompany exercise.
  2. This product by Danette May and Earth Echo also helps tackle unhealthy inflammatory activity which can take a toll on your overall system in numerous ways. To this end, it has many anti-inflammatory agents including turmeric.
  3. You can experience weight loss as well. This is because the ingredients in the supplement can improve your metabolism as well as suppress your appetite.
  4. Special chemicals found in raw cacao and hence, this formula work to trigger specific hormones that improve your mood and mental health.
  5. The blend happens to be a rich source of antioxidants that reduce oxidative stress by fighting free radicals.
  6. The use of Earth Echo Cacao Bliss may also improve your heart health owing to the great ingredients in it.
  7. Ingredients such as cinnamon in the product also support healthy blood sugar levels and better insulin functionality.
  8. The use of this supplement also improves your digestion and your gut health.
  9. Other than these benefits, this product also improves sleep, skin, mental alertness, etc.

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Why Should You Buy Cacao Bliss?

Cacao Bliss is the dream of every chocolate lover. If you still aren’t convinced as to why this product is better than other similar ones on the shelves, then you can read below to know about its defining features that set it apart and show that it is a worthwhile purchase. Here goes:

  • Cacao Bliss superfood blend retains all the best properties of chocolate

Other chocolates are highly processed and contain sugars that can make you fat as well as make your sugar levels go crazy. The cacao in this supplement has been processed in such a way that its native properties are not lost, and you can get your chocolate’s benefits.

The product does not contain any gluten, soy or dairy. It is also vegan friendly and can be used when you are following a keto or paleo diet. It does not contain any sweeteners, stimulants, additives or artificial flavors. This ensures that the quality and the composition of this product are both reliable.

  • Cacao Bliss’ taste is amazing, and you can enjoy this product in a number of ways

Typically, when a chocolate lacks additional sugars, it is not as delicious. In the case of this chocolate blend, it is one that will satisfy all your chocolate cravings due to its unforgettable taste.

The best part is that since this product is available in the form of a powder, you can enjoy the chocolate flavor in different ways. You can either mix it in your smoothie or add the powder to your cake to drive benefits as well as enjoy your desert.

  • It comes from a reliable company and has been manufactured following the best practices

Last but not the least, this superfood is also one that you would not regret investing your money in because of its premium quality. The product has been made in a non-GMO facility here in the United States of America. It also happens to be USDA organic.

Moreover, Cacao Bliss recipe is one that has been followed in different areas of the world for a long time due to the amazing benefits of raw and pure cacao powder. Also, this chocolate blend does not come from an unknown seller but from a dependable company named Earth Echo.

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Where to Buy Cacao Bliss? Pricing and Refund Policy

You can either make a one-time purchase for Cacao Bliss or you can subscribe and save more money. In case you decide to go for the former, below is a look at the pricing of the three available packages:

  1. As part of the first deal, you get one pouch of this product for $59.95
  2. In the second deal, you get three pouches of this product. This deal is available for a discounted sum of $149.95
  3. Last but not the least, there is also a family deal in which you get five pouches for $199.95. In this deal, you are getting a free pouch as well.

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In case you subscribe to receive the pouch on a regular basis, you would have to pay a reduced price of $53.95. There is also a money back guarantee of 60 days to make your purchase safe. If you notice that the product does not reach the claims that it advertises, you can contact the customer support team and get your money back. This shows that the product is not a scam. However, terms and conditions are applicable.

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  1. Cacao Lovers Cookbook
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Since both of these are e-books, you can immediately download and access them. Note, the prices mentioned above are all discounted since the brand is currently running a discount.

Cacao Bliss Reviews Final Verdict

Cacao Bliss by Danette May seems like a great superfood elixir blend for all chocolate lovers. You can get so many benefits for your health with this tasty product without compromising on your health. If anything, this rich and raw cacao improves your mood, digestion, and detoxifies your body among doings lots more for your overall health and wellbeing. So, what are you waiting for? Try this product by mixing it in your favorite coffee and enjoy the mouthwatering taste!

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