UPDATE: Tropical Storm Laura (Sunday, 5:00pm)

What is the danger?

Tropical Storm Laura is expected to enter the Gulf of Mexico early this week, intensifying into a hurricane. Strong winds and storm surge are possible for coastal areas of southeast Texas as early as Wednesday morning.

The forecast will continue to change over the coming days. Residents are encouraged to closely monitor developments through trusted media sources and prepare for tropical weather.

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What you should do:

It is important to ACT NOW to prepare your family for potential tropical weather.


  • Review your family’s emergency plan, including what you will do if you stay or if you evacuate.
    • Remember to take into account that social distancing, regular handwashing and face coverings are still needed for COVID-19.
    • If you live in an evacuation zone (Zip Zone) and will need assistance evacuating for a storm that threatens our region, now is the time to call 2-1-1 or go online to register for assistance.
  • Make sure your disaster kit is fully stocked, with enough supplies for each family member, including pets.
  • Do not forget about special items for babies, elderly and medically fragile family members.
  • Fuel vehicles and generators now.
  • Know where important documents are and take pictures of your property for insurance purposes.


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