CORE Magazine Announces Strategic Alliance with Joyce Strimple, Independent Stylist with J. Hilburn Men’s Clothiers

Subscriber-only opportunities available for men’s custom apparel through online savings hub.

Houston-based CORE Magazine today announced a strategic alliance with Joyce Strimple, an independent stylist with J. Hilburn Men’s Clothiers, as part of an advertising agreement for its first five quarterly issues. The announcement was made by Marquis “Bo” Porter, founding president and chief executive officer of CORE Magazine.

As part of the agreement, a $150 savings opportunity will be available to subscribers for a J. Hilburn Custom First Look. The promotion will be available for the duration of the 15-month strategic alliance and showcased on CORE Magazine’s subscriber-only online savings hub.

“CORE Magazine is excited to welcome Joyce Strimple, online stylist for men’s custom clothier J. Hilburn, as a strategic alliance advertiser to our first-of-its-kind magazine for champions,” said Porter. “Our inaugural issue will launch in the fourth quarter of 2020 with a unique blend of inspiring articles, motivational profiles and subscriber-only savings opportunities from trusted brand advertisers, such as J. Hilburn.”

“This strategic alliance with CORE Magazine is a unique and timely opportunity to help men create a positive, personal image,” said Stimple. “With a large percentage of the workforce now working from home or balancing at-home/in-office workdays amid the pandemic, we’re seeing a tremendous increase in the demand for our virtual stylists by shoppers seeking help with wardrobe adjustments that mirror their new life-styles.”

CORE, an acronym for Champions Of Real Excellence, will premiere as a quarterly digital magazine with print-on-demand capabilities. The publication is expected to reach millions of growth-mindset readers with in-depth feature stories about business, sports, leadership, philanthropy and marketing that provide business insight, professional development, sports reporting and leadership advice from proven champions.


CORE Magazine is a digital and print-on-demand quarterly periodical reaching millions of growth mindset readers in business, sports, leadership, philanthropy and marketing.  Its recurring features include Ball2Business, ME2me, Champions4Causes, Champions Digest and A.P.E.X. Award nominees.


Bo Porter has more than 27 years of MLB experience as a player, coach, manager, front office executive and broadcast analyst. He is a proven leadership coach for high-profile executives and elite leaders in the sports industry. As a business development consultant, Bo provides tangible value by helping companies improve profit margins, and he’s a change agent for organizations looking to enhance, reboot or pivot their strategic plan. He understands the value of team building, the challenges facing athletes when they transition to life after sports and the value add of transformational leadership. Known as the “Coach of Champions,” Bo has coached, mentored, guided and influenced countless others to reach their full potential en route to championing their lives. Using his vast professional experiences, Bo has developed a holistic platform and become a force for all that is good. He’s the founding president and CEO of CORE Magazine, a digital and print-on-demand quarterly periodical reaching millions of growth mindset readers in business, sports, leadership, philanthropy and marketing.