Katy Council Member Elected to Attend Republican National Convention

By George Slaughter

Frank Carroll

Katy Ward A Council Member Frank Carroll will be an alternate delegate to the upcoming Republican National Convention, which will nominate President Trump and Vice President Mike Pence for a second term in office.

The convention opens August 24 in Charlotte. It will move its August 25-27 activities, including Trump’s acceptance speech, to Jacksonville.

Carroll is one of a six-person contingent from the 10th Texas Congressional District. Each of Texas’s 36 congressional districts has a contingent of delegates and alternates that attends the convention.

Carroll said his goal for the convention was to be part of a group of people showing the nation how to live alongside the virus.

“It is something the country desperately needs at this point, with the vaccine still a future hope,” Carroll said. “We have to live alongside the virus, like Gov. (Greg) Abbott has said. The Republicans in Jacksonville, hopefully, will show the nation what that looks like. We want to give a template for resuming a sense of normalcy in this country.”

Safety during the pandemic remains a priority. Carroll said delegates have received provisional guidance from the Republican National Committee about health protocols. These include personal protective equipment, temperature checks, sanitizing, and on-site testing. He said officials are working with the Jacksonville mayor to make sure things work for everyone.

While nothing has been said about wearing masks or social distancing, those protocols remain in the discussion.

“It depends on logistics when we get there,” Carroll said. “We will be using indoor and outdoor venues, and we’ll limit the number of participants to a much smaller number.”

Carroll said the number of people and events could be as small as 2,500 and range up to 6,000. He said he plans to listen to Trump and Abbott, and “doing a good thing” by wearing a mask.

Re-nominating Trump and Pence will be the better-known activity at the convention, but Carroll and his fellow delegates will also be developing the party’s platform on which the candidates will stand. He described setting the platform as the “heavy lifting” of the convention.

“I’m looking forward to working with this delegation from Congressional District 10 to ensure that conservative principles are in the platform, and I know the other delegates are looking forward to that as well,” Carroll said.

Carroll said he has been “very impressed” with Trump’s performance in office.

“Trump is the first politician in my life that is truly committed to fulfilling the campaign promises he made,” Carroll said. “Have there been difficulties along the way? Who hasn’t? Every administration has difficulties. But it comes down to keeping promises, and Donald Trump has done that.”