COVID-19 and the restaurant business sector – Marc Ravenscroft shares valuable views

So, you heard that your favorite restaurant might remain closed indefinitely! That’s one of the natural fallouts of the global pandemic on the restaurant industry. Since the start of 2020, the world has been witnessing the harsh effects of COVID-19 infection. Gradually, the virus pervaded all across the globe and made life come to a standstill. The government made lockdowns mandatory, keeping only the essential services functional. As the world was gearing up for the unlock phase, many countries and states are on talks to repeat or prolong the lockdown. The objective is to reduce the chances of infection and deaths, as we wait for the medical fraternity to come up with a drug/vaccine to reduce infections. However, amidst all these, various industries have taken a hit and incurred losses. The restaurant industry is one such vertical that has suffered about 80% loss in its sales.

Marc Mitchell Ravenscroft throws light upon how restaurants have suffered due to COVID-19

Sometime back, social media feeds were all about how restaurants were delisting their orders. The in-house food festivals and events got canceled. The online delivery facilities also took a backseat. While a handful of online food delivery brands were functional, the majority paused their operations. Restaurants have lost potential customers, profits, and savings. Most are still at an uncertain phase about how to redeem services when the world is dreading a virus attack every day. This fear made several restaurant entrepreneurs get into a silent phase. They are taking time to assess their current resource strength and other factors to decide whether to resume operation or not. While June 2020 saw a few restaurants and cafeteria opening their doors, others chose to make do with online delivery.

Do you have a restaurant? Do you want to gradually revive your business and stay functional during this pandemic stage? If yes, you can follow the necessary guidelines by leading marketing and sales leader Marc Ravenscroft.

  1. Decide to take a chance with caution and proper know-how

Fear is natural now. However, it is essential to analyze your concerns and take a leap of faith logically. Ask yourself how long do you want your restaurant to stay closed? Chances are you wouldn’t have a precise date and time. It’s because no one knows when the pandemic curve would flatten down and how soon a drug will be available, to end this suffering. Hence, if you see that other market players have got back to action, take the necessary steps to start your operations soon. Check out the ways the different restaurants and cafeterias in your region are carrying out business. It will help you to plan the same for yourself. Being careful and equipped with the correct business operation details is essential today.

  1. Go with the norm

It’s time to go with the flow and the norm. It’s not the time to plan unique, business promotion ideas. If you see that the safest way to carry out business is online food delivery, stick to that for a while. It will help others know that you are partially back in business. It will also enable you to assess the situation at hand and take baby steps to plan your next operational move. Whatever you do, make sure you keep yourself, your staff and customers safe.

  1. Sanitize the restaurant even if its closed

If you are allowing online delivery, you are still using the restaurant kitchen. So, make sure that you sanitize the entire restaurant before you start the online delivery. Use medicated sanitizers and hand wash for staff. Equip your team with N95 masks and high-end gloves. Also, if you are planning to partner with a delivery partner, ensure that they are following the safety protocols correctly. Alternatively, you can use your staff in turn for the delivery. If you want, you can choose a specific area or distance uptil which you approve of the online food delivery service. If you wish to, you can operate three to five days a week. It will allow you to stay safe at home as well as carry out your business.

  1. Make videos about how the packaging process

Most customers decline their food orders once they are about to make the online payment. The reason is apparent, fear! They fear whether the restaurant is preparing food and packing it correctly or not. To provide clarity, make short videos to demonstrate how your staff prepares food and maintain the cleanliness and sanitation protocols. It will give courage to your customers to place an order.

  1. Be active on social media

Your customers will have several queries about safety and online delivery now. Be active on social media and share how you are conducting the business. Answer to audience queries. It will help them decide better and faster. Making informative social media posts will also add to your brand promotion tactics.

The global pandemic has posed ample challenges for the restaurant industry. One has to find out ways to survive with the virus and try not to get affected. It’s also essential to cater to the audience’s demand and query effectively. The tips mentioned above can be of ample help.