Olson: Leaving Germany Rolls Out The Red Carpet For Our Adversaries

WASHINGTON, DC – Congressman Pete Olson (TX-22) today issued the following statement urging President Donald Trump to reconsider withdrawing American servicepeople from Germany:

“Action to withdraw our troops from Germany and limiting our military presence there would be a short-sighted and grave mistake. Doing so would harm our national security and place a needed ally at risk of influence from Vladimir Putin. American leadership in the world is needed now more than ever, especially as we fight to minimize influence from Putin’s Russia and the Chinese Communist Party. Their threats to democracy and freedom are offset by our presence in allied nations, and this presence further strengthens our bonds with our allies. We cannot abandon Germany or any of our allies, especially in the time of a global pandemic. Withdrawing our troops is the opposite of peace through strength; it’s rolling out the red carpet for our adversaries.”