5 Reasons To Read CBD Lab Reports

The CBD industry is going from strength to strength and the amount of CBD products now available is staggering. As a consumer, how are you supposed to sort the good from the bad? Simple- when in doubt, check the CBD lab report.

A 3rd party CBD lab report is a mark of quality- any CBD manufacturer who is serious about their product should provide one. An independent lab checks each product thoroughly and only gives the green light on high-quality CBD. So why is this so important? With help from the guys at BestDosage, we’ve compiled a quick list of 5 reasons to read CBD Lab Reports.

There is currently no quality control on CBD products

This is first in the list for good reason. The CBD industry is not yet regulated by the FDA. This means that there is a potential for knock-offs or even harmful products. Thankfully many major CBD manufacturers self regulate, using 3rd party labs to independently verify that their CBD meets the industry standard.

Harmful fakes are an issue

Anything worth selling will have poor imitations, and CBD is no different. In recent years vendors have been caught with a range of extra chemicals in their CBD. Poor quality CBD products can contain pesticides, herbicides, growth hormones, and fertilizers, to name a few. A lab report detects adulterants and safeguards the purity of the CBD.

Calculate your dosage with confidence

People use CBD for many different reasons. What works for you may not be enough for someone else or vice versa. This is why being able to calculate your own recommended dose is so important. If a bottle of CBD says it contains 1000mg of CBD, how can we check? That’s right, the lab report. CBD lab reports don’t just check for adulterants, they also confirm how much of the active ingredient-CBD- is present.

They check for THC content

Not to be confused with CBD, THC is the psychoactive compound found in hemp and has the ability to get you ‘high’. Not what we want in our CBD product, especially if the law frowns upon THC where you live. This is where the lab report steps in- not only does it check for CBD levels, but THC as well. For a CBD product to be legal, there needs to be less than 0.3% THC present. If the product you’re looking at can’t confirm whether or not it contains less than the legal limit, it’s not worth your money.

There are thousands of options

Type ‘buy CBD online’ into your search bar, and watch as the results roll in. It seems like the world and his wife are now producing CBD, so how do you choose? Simple- narrow your search down to only companies that provide a 3rd party CBD lab report. You’ll be amazed at how many companies suddenly disappear from your list. Now all you need to do is choose based on preference, safe in the knowledge that you’ll be purchasing CBD that is high quality, safe and effective.