Tax Savings Opportunities for Fort Bend County Municipal District 46  

Fort Bend County Commissioner Ken R. DeMerchant on Tuesday announced that yet another entity has taken steps in the right direction to generate tax savings for its residents. Municipal Utility District (MUD) 46 became the newest member to join in an Interlocal Agreement with Fort Bend County Tax Assessor/Collector. In doing so they will receive a 97% savings.

Last year Commissioner DeMerchant worked closely with Levee Improvement District (LID) 14 to find ways to lower the tax burden on its residents. The result was a 22% tax cut and a tax savings of 4 cents for each of its residents. By working out an agreement with LID 14 to collect LID taxes using the Fort Bend County Tax Assessor/Collector, assisted in a LID tax savings of 98%.

As promised Commissioner DeMerchant continues to evaluate, analyze, and brainstorm on fresh and innovative ways to pass on tax savings to the residents of Precinct 4.

DeMerchant stated, “It’s working smarter to find alternative solutions such as reducing wasteful spending and using those savings where they matter most, is what is important for the wellbeing of our County.”