Fort Bend County and  “Safer Internet Day”

February 11, 2020, is Safer Internet Day. It marks a day to promote awareness of internet safety.

On February 4th at Commissioners Court, Fort Bend County Commissioner Ken R. DeMerchant motioned for an action item that will provide continued Cyber Security and enhance the County’s’ technology services.

Commissioner Ken DeMerchant stated, “As a Software Engineer I know the daily threats from the cyber world, from hacking to phishing, and election machine security we must safeguard the County of these threats. The agenda item is the first step of my pilot program to find innovative ideas to expand the County’s security.”

In commemoration of Safer Internet Day, DeMerchant also shares an important message about digital responsibility. “Internet safety should not be taken lightly in today’s globally interconnected world.”

While the internet provides global connectivity and knowledge available at our fingertips with an enormous amount of information that can be vital to many, it can also be a dangerous tool. Children and young adults can become exposed to negative experiences impacting themselves and others.

Internet risks on children are many but some of the more prevalent are:

  • Digital footprint- Children leave a digital footprint that can affect them and others around them
  • Inappropriate Content- Children exposed to unreliable and inappropriate content
  • Advertising- Pop ups and spam material influencing habits
  • Bullying/ Abusive contact- Cyberbullying and comments as well as being approached by unknown predators
  • Disinformation- Inaccurate or false information

Commissioner DeMerchant encourages all parents and teachers to talk to their children and students about internet safety stating, “Our children are our future, and we must ensure their safety in the ever-changing digital world.”

DeMerchant believes corporations, influencers, and government officials all are charged with this responsibility and should use their platforms to engage with and help make the internet superhighway safe and secure.