10 Expected Benefits of Education

Education is defined as the acquisition of knowledge, values, skills, habits, etc. or enablement of learning opportunities for our children. Most regions worldwide have realized the benefits of education to both their countries as well as the individual students; thus, they have made it compulsory for children to be educated up to a certain level.

I believe that we are in agreement that any form of education is a crucial component of one’s development in pursuit of a better future. There is nothing quite like being educated in a society that values academic progress. Education not only stimulates your mind but also opens up a world of opportunities for you. As such, when the opportunity to progress your education presents itself, you should not hesitate.

Understandably, those early mornings attending classes and lectures as well as late nights trying to finalize assignments, are likely to be a challenge for you. However, as a student struggling with UK assignments, it is to be expected that you may not completely comprehend the benefits of education right away; but with the time, you will learn to appreciate it.

Advantages of Education

With education, you are able to acquire basic skills in a conducive learning environment. Right from early childhood, children are taught skills such as reading and writing, which are the building blocks to any positive academic progression. In addition to reading and writing, they are also taught somehow to solve some arithmetic problems, cognitive thinking, drawing, problem-solving as well as many other useful skills. In addition to these benefits, below are a few more advantages education has to offer:

  • Reduced levels of poverty

Lack of basic education is believed to be the main reason why there are increased levels of poverty. As such, providing children with free primary education can help reduce poverty levels by providing children with a drive to further their education for a better tomorrow.

  • Higher wages and better standards of living

One of the major benefits of seeking higher levels of education is the possibility of better income-earning opportunities. A learned person has a far better chance of landing their dream jobs than a person with basic skills.

  • Promotes equality and peace in a society

Education ensures that opportunities are equally spread out among people of different gender, religion, race, social status, etc. however, equal access to education has also to be considered.

  • Better health care opportunities

With higher academic qualifications, you are able to get a job that allows you to get better health care for you and your family members. Research shows that children born to parents with academic qualifications higher than secondary school have a higher survival rate compared to children whose parents have lower academic qualifications.

Economies with more literate and qualified individuals have a higher per capita income compared to developing countries where a large percentage of the total population is illiterate and thus live below the poverty line.

  • Better career opportunities

With higher academic certifications, you stand a far better chance of getting the best career opportunities, compared to someone with lower levels of specialization in a specific field.

  • Reduces crime rate

With better academic qualifications, you are more likely to get employed or seek out other innovative ways of making ends meet. As such, the crime rate will not go up as learned individuals are capable of identifying legal income-generating activities.

  • Significant improvement to the environment

Drastic climate changes are as a result of people’s negligence in the preservations of existing natural resources. However, with today’s education on the adverse effects of depleting natural resources, we are better off. In addition, green industries are highly dependent on specialized people to ensure their success in restoring the environment.

  • Reduction in gender-based violence

In both developed and developing nations, gender-based violence directly affects girl’s, more so their right to get educated. However, education has the potential to alter a person’s perspective and thus effectively deter further gender-based violence.

With education, you are able to identify and seize opportunities that a person with lower levels of education would not. Therefore, with higher academic qualifications, you have a better chance of improved personal growth compared to others with lesser qualifications.

Final Thoughts

As it is evident, education has immense benefits, and that is why it is a basic human right in most parts of the world. However, you should realize that not all educated individuals succeed in life. It all boils down to the choices you make in life, as well as the opportunities you are able to seize for yourself.