What You Didn’t Know You Needed for Your Home

Nesting is something we do to make our house a home. We personalize our house with our desired furniture and decorative items of our choice. This makes us feel proud of our residence and establishes a comfort zone for us. We also pride ourselves on the interior design of our home, and want our guests to enjoy their experience of coming to stay with us. Most of us already have ideas on ways we wish to spruce up our living space, but we’ve gathered some that you may have never even considered.

So, prepare to be inspired with this list of things you never knew you needed for your home:

An Accessory Dwelling Unit

Accessory Dwelling Units (ADU) have grown increasingly popular with homeowners. While many people create guest rooms in their residence for their relatives and loved ones that come to stay, building an entirely separate unit is, in fact, a much better ordeal. This provides you and your guests with privacy and is a much better solution for house guests whose stay may be prolonged. This is also a favorable option if you wish to help a family member or loved one in need; perhaps money is tight for them, and arranging a new place to live isn’t in the cards. If you wish to help them get back on their feet, then you can look into building an ADU on your own property. In the article Home Away From Home: The Benefits of ADU’s as Family Housing for Loved Ones, you’ll find this option is very beneficial to you and your potential ADU resident. ADU’s have many nicknames as they serve a variety of purposes. They use such names as, an accessory apartment, a flat or cottage for your relatives, a second suite, a live-in garage, and many more as listed in the article itself.

Multi-use furniture

With such innovative designs available today, you need to discover what furniture your home may be missing out on. Due to lack of storage space in so many homes, modern interior designs are now creating multi-purpose furniture. You can find sofas with plenty of storage space underneath the removable couch cushions, coffee tables that have detachable drawers and shelves, modern beds that allow plenty of space underneath through large drawers. These drawers are often used to store items you don’t wish to have on display, such as suitcases. You can also find window benches that are hollowed to contain items you wish to put away temporarily, such as throw pillows, extra blankets and sheets. Those who have a home-office often invest in multi-use desks, which contain removable drawers and shelves, as well as pullout shelves for their laptops, or keyboards. Another way to increase storage space through furniture is to build in drawers under your staircase. It’s a lot less costly than one would presume and allows you to keep your home neat and tidy.

Must-have outdoor furniture

As soon as we know we’ve got a great terrace on our property, we begin fantasizing over the BBQ gatherings we’ll host and the luxury of dining outside on those summer nights. But there are a few items you may not have thought of that will bring your patio to life! Firstly, we recommend a hammock; a comfortable, cozy swing with plenty of cushions! It is, honestly, the best way to enjoy your outdoor scenery. One of our personal favorites is to build a backyard cinema as it’s not costly in the slightest; all you need are a few bean bag chairs, cushion-made lounges and a projector! Another fantastic addition is a dining table/pool table. Yes, you read that right, and they’re a lot easier to purchase than one would think! Everyone plans on dining outside, but we’ve thought a little out of the box for you! You’ll be the envy of all your neighbors and friends, and everyone will want to come hang out at your place! The table top is removable, with the built-in pool table underneath; whenever you are dining, you place the lid on top, and remove it when it’s playtime.

If this list has gotten you excited about the new ways you can customize your home, we can’t blame you! Whether you opt for an ADU, multi-purpose furniture to de-clutter your home, or makeover for your patio, these ideas won’t hurt the budget and will provide you with a neat and cozy home that your house guests will adore. Now you can immerse yourself in the glory of a comfortable, glamorous home, one that is full of life and impeccable style.