What does the future hold for former Katy alum Dalton?

Former Katy High School alum Andy Dalton enjoyed a fine run as the starting quarterback of the Cincinnati Bengals before being ousted during the middle of the 2019 campaign. Dalton arrived in 2011 in Cincinnati and helped the franchise reach the post-season four years in a row, although they failed to progress beyond the Wild Card round under the tenure of Marvin Lewis.

Dalton produced solid statistics during his time as the starter, breaking several records that had been set by his predecessor Carson Palmer. Lewis’ departure last term was the end of an era for the Bengals, with Zac Taylor arriving as the franchise’s first new head coach in 18 years.

Taylor’s reign has not been fruitful for the Bengals or Dalton, resulting in the 32-year-old being withdrawn as the starter for the rest of the campaign and replaced by Ryan Finley. As a result of their winless start to the campaign, Cincinnati will certainly not be one of the teams you’ll need to monitor on a weekly basis to see which teams are most likely to win the Super Bowl 2020!

The Bengals are heading towards a rebuild of their franchise, which could see them land the number one overall pick in 2020 Draft, leaving no place for Dalton. There are a number of teams that could be interested in landing the 32-year-old, who has been solid if unspectacular during his career. We’ll now look at three franchises that could use a steady pair of hands next season.

Buffalo Bills

The Bills have a head coach and a defense that appears to be ready to mount a charge for the playoffs and potentially beyond in the AFC East. They played the New England Patriots in an extremely tough match at New Era Field and have developed into a stout unit under Sean McDermott. Their problems stem from the quarterback position where Josh Allen does not look like developing into an NFL-caliber signal-caller. He has athleticism and a strong arm, but not the touch required for short and intermediate throws downfield. Dalton could be a fit as a strong veteran presence and one that could put pressure on the youngster for the starting role as a more traditional passer.

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Chicago Bears

The Bears are eerily similar to the Bills. They have a defense that can carry them towards the playoffs, but like Buffalo their quarterback does not appear to have the skills to make plays with his arm with the game on the line. Chicago traded a great deal of draft capital to move up the second-overall slot to select Mitchell Trubisky in the first round of the 2017 Draft. However, Trubisky has failed to win over the Bears’ supporters with his performances on the field. He has struggled for consistency with his throws down the field, lacking the accuracy to thrive for Matt Nagy’s men. Dalton could arrive as a veteran once again with the hope of dislodging the 25-year-old.

Pittsburgh Steelers

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It would rub salt in the wounds of Bengals supporters if Dalton were to leave the club for the Steelers to have success. Cincinnati would probably not entertain the idea of a trade to an AFC North rival, although if the offer were sweet enough, they could be tempted. Ben Roethlisberger’s injury could give the Steelers cause for concern for their future, and it would not be a surprise if the 38-year-old opted to retire. Dalton would offer a veteran presence and be able to offer a semblance of the same threat that Roethlisberger provided, disseminating the ball to an array of talented wide receivers. It would be controversial, but not completely beyond the realms of possibility.