How to Set and Accomplish Fitness Goals Even Despite the Divorce

When family life ended in divorce, it is very important to be able to pull yourself out of an oppressed state. And sport is one of the best medicines for this purpose. Of course, it’s hard to find additional motivation in yourself, especially since it is a purely individual thing.

But if you have already decided to forget about your divorce and start doing fitness, then you definitely have a goal. At this stage, it may be vague, but you are already on the right track. However, the more clearly defined the goals, the clearer and shorter the path to achieving them. In this article, we will explain how to set fitness goals, and what is more, to achieve their implementation. This instruction is also suitable for those who have recently divorced but are already aware of the need to live on and create a better version of themselves.

Start with Your Desires

So, here is an example of a desire: “I want to like myself in the mirror and feel better, be more cheerful.” This is a typical desire that you probably heard from many friends. It can be hatched for months without realizing it because something constantly interferes (your divorce, in the first place, of course) or there is simply no time (for the abovementioned reason).

How to turn desires into intentions? They need to be felt and specified! What do you mean by the word “like”? Describe the criteria, upon reaching which, you will understand that you have achieved the goal. For example, reduce the waist to a certain indicator and make my ex-husband (or wife) envy. Ask yourself the question “What do I want to change and why?”.

Write down Your Goals

The first step in fitness is to clearly record your goals. Answer the question: why do I want to do fitness? Your answer will be the main motivator during training. At the moment, you can even answer that, among other things, it will help you defeat the psychological discomfort of divorce. When you want to skip a workout, remember this answer. Come from your desires when you write them down as practical intentions.

Get Rid of the Goods of the Past

Our past and toxic people in our lives are the worst things that can happen on the way to new aspirations. If you understand that your family life has lost perspective, your other half does not support any of your undertakings and slows down your development, sometimes this is better to file for divorce. The service can help simplify this process. After filling out all the divorce papers and the end of the court hearings, you will feel that you got rid of the load, which did not allow you to move forward. And the motivation for new achievements will come on its own.

Find a Co-Workout Partner

Having a partner increases your motivation for training – when you make joint plans with someone, you are much less likely to cancel them at the last second. In addition, if you have a friend who knows your goal, he will be able to regularly remind you that you deviate from it. And finally, it is always better not to be left alone with the problem of your divorce.

Find a colleague in your team with whom you could visit the fitness center before the start of the working day. Or meet people attending fitness at the same time – and find out if they need help with training and support in regular classes.

Keep a Training Calendar

If you record an important meeting on the calendar, you will not forget about it. Surely, when the court scheduled hearings in the case of your divorce, you did not forget to come to them and did not look for excuses. So, by analogy, plan even 15-minute fitness classes to take full responsibility for them.

Schedule workouts on your calendar at the beginning of each week so that you don’t have the opportunity to justify that you will do it tomorrow.

Sign up for fitness classes in advance – and pay for them. The cancellation penalty is a real reason for you to come at the right time and place. We already talked about how to get a cheap divorce online, and here’s another tip on how not to overpay for fitness, just make advance payment and come to class.

Keep a Balance Between Exercise and Relaxation

Too hard work, too constant lack of time for rest and too many reflections on your broken family can lead to overwork and depression. Strive for balance so that you can stay healthy physically and mentally. Listen to your body more often than your training plan. Distinguish moments when you are just too lazy to get up earlier for training, from the days when you really need rest. And do not let sad thoughts of divorce, any regrets or hopes in this regard, spoil your mood and plans.


It is always hard to start something new. Brian Tracy, a specialist in personal growth and development, wrote in one of his books that it is much easier to continue the movement that has already begun than to stop and start again. Just get started. The habit of doing fitness can be formed in just three weeks, and you can get a positive result all your life. And having decided to get a divorce, you most likely were not mistaken either.