NFL’s Top Five Most Valuable Teams in 2019

The NFL continues to grow as a sport around the world. Relaxed ownership and debut rules, plus the added media deals has also seen a vast increase of 11%  in the average value of each NFL team, which is now $2.86 billion. This has also seen a rise in the support for sides success with many using the latest Michigan lottery promotional code that is on offer. So which sides make the top five for the most valuable at present?

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5) San Francisco 49ers

In fifth are the San Francisco 49ers. They have also seen large growth over the last 12 months and are now valued at $3.5 billion. They also have an operating incoming of $93 million. The 49ers were hugely successful between 1980 and 1990 and are looking to return to these glory days. They are five time Super Bowl winners, with the last coming back in 1994.


4) Los Angeles Rams

The Los Angeles Rams are another side with a depth of history and were beaten in the 2018 Super Bowl final by the Patriots. However, this saw the value of the side rise to $3.8 billion with an operating income of $30 million. They will be hoping the wait does not go on for another Super Bowl title, with their last coming back in 1999.


3) New York Giants

The New York giants are another side to have grown greatly over the last year and now have a value of $3.9 billion. They also have an operating income of $142 million. They are another side to have had a huge amount of success over the years that includes them winning four Super Bowl’s. The latest coming back in 2011.


2) New England Patriots

Sitting in second are the 2018 Super Bowl champions, the New England Patriots. They have a value of $4.1 billion with an operating income of $240 million. They continue to be a hugely popular side, which has only grown since the arrival of head coach Bill Belichick and quarterback Tom Brady in 2000. The Patriots are six time winners of the Super Bowl to date.


1) Dallas Cowboys

They now have revenue of $950 million, meaning they sit at the top of any U.S sports sides. They are worth $5.5 billion, so this is now the 13th consecutive year they sit at the top. In 2015, they also became the first sports side to be valued at $4 billion. Jerry Jones owns the club and will be hoping they can again push for a Super Bowl Championship, with their last coming back in 1995. They have five Super bowl victories to date.