2020 Horoscope for the Year Ahead, All Zodiac Signs


During 2020 let your personal growth come through seeing others’ points of view, and working with them to the benefit of all. This will open you up to new ideas, a wonderful feeling of sharing and communicating, and will challenge you to not continue to do the same things in the same way. This will change your values and expectations, but they would not have worked anyway.


A year to face your wants and needs, and feelings of security based on possessions and material things.

The challenge is to redefine who you are, and what you stand for by opening yourself up to new ideas and sharing your insights with others. Let the new wash away the old as you see the promise of the new age in that all benefit and have their needs met.


During 2020, you and partner will be at odds. The challenge is to face the reality that he or she sees more clearly than you at this time, and that both of your objectives are compatible.

It is just that you are responding to some old programs, and still not being completely in touch with what is real. Look deeper. There is much more to learn and to see. You are still on the surface.


As reported by yearly-horoscope.org , 2020 will be ¬†stormy year ahead of you, Your natural nurturing instincts are being severely tested by changes and growth within the self and especially in what is opening up for you. That’s right, “you,” not the others in your life.

It is your time to shine and to see to your needs, not theirs. It is time to transform the deeply ingrained need to serve others, and to find your (equal) place within the family.


A turbulent year indeed as your deep inner feelings challenges your responsible life as you have lived it to this point. Your need to see the future secure before you will be supported by opportunities in work or business, yet your vision of the lifestyle that you always needed is changing.

You will have to see how to utilize your leadership and management abilities to benefit many, not just yourself.


In 2020, your beliefs about yourself, your foundation will seem to oppose your old views of who you are in the world, and the very work that you do.

Expect that your goals, and all those currently in your life will seem to challenge your directions this year, and definitely what you now will see as desirable as your life style. A year of wrenches and choices, but what a year!


During this year, your needs and personal desires will be challenged by your long held and cherished belief that doing for others guarantees you success.

Seek your own answers and ideas, your counsel. Build your foundation on what is objectively real for you now, and don’t be drawn back into old ways because they used to work. It is time to change, to build your life for you, and find your path in your own abilities.


Your ideas are challenged by old knee-jerk responses from others, and will cause you to make major decisions about who is in your life, and what is to be left behind.

Choose to move forward, and your truth will surface, your old desire to help others will transform into understanding of who to help. You will look in the mirror and find your true self, not the reflection of you that others made.


Bang! Those are not New Year’s fireworks. That is the sound of your foundations cracking, the ones that supported your goals. Seek the new ideas and truths that emerge from beneath the old armor. Others’ views indeed challenged your values and caused choices and decisions. You have changed, and your ideas have become your own, not theirs. This will set you free to be more this year.


The challenge this year is to yourself, and where you are going. The full weight of old responsibilities and challenges from the others in your life pulls you.

You must go forward, and honor yourself. The choice will be given: repeat old mistakes, or commit to how you now feel is right for you.

You have changed in so many ways, but there is still a little of the old you. Let it go.


A year of self-discovery with major choices. Do you want to be all you can be, or follow along with the crowd? The biggest challenge is to work on your own process and not to let others heap responsibilities on you. The spring brings opportunities to deal with any cracks in your foundation. You achieve a personal connection with Spirit in this year.


Your year of fortune is almost at an end. It is a time of inner growth. You will have to make choices and be realistic in the time ahead. Romantic illusion can be disastrous, for in seeming to get your heart’s desire, you end up in the same old fix – giving too much and getting too little.

The old order is passing, and it is time to find out who you are, and it is not the reflection in the mirror.