Back to Bullying: How to Help Your Child

Back to Bullying: How To Protect Your Child From Aggression?

According to the National Bullying Prevention Center, each one out of five children has been bullied through their school years. The risk that your child may become a victim of bullies is quite high. You should help your child prevent and control such issues.

Children should understand that bullies often hurt other people with the help of power and control over those who are weaker. With that in mind, you should teach your child to implement these strategies to prevent bullying:

  • Apply humor — teach your child to transform any aggression to the joke. This strategy cannot be considered as the most effective, but it sometimes helps to alleviate pressure.
  • Reply positively — bullies are fed with one’s dissatisfaction and hurting. If your child starts replying positively to the bully, they will be disarmed and will want nothing to do with your kid.
  • Apply critical thinkingprevent bullying by identifying why the bully tries to hurt your child. For example, they may not be able to write a home task on their own. Thus, your kid can offer the bully to ask custom writers. Even if they don’t take the advice, they’ll certainly get confused enough to cool and back out.

In general, bullying must be addressed on the school administration level. Turn to them for help and advice, as well as a request to implement anti0bullying programs and prevention mechanisms.