Five Rainy Day Activities to Keep Your Kids Entertained  

When it’s too wet to play outside, the indoors can feel like an absolute jailhouse! But that jailhouse can be transformed into a dozen different new spaces with just a little imagination and ingenuity! Here are five fun ways to spend a rainy day with the kids, and, if you’re looking for even more things to do, you can always check out our event calendar!

Cook, Bake, and Make!

Rainy days scream for kitchen fun! And we’re not just talking about the ordinary chocolate chip cookies (not that there’s anything wrong with that)! Why not pull up an easy Pinterest tutorial and make some slime, soap, or snacks! A rainy day is a perfect day for experimenting in the kitchen! Head to Facebook pages like Tasty, if you’re in need of some food inspo. I personally love to make pizzas with the kids; it’s a food that is yummy, relatively easy for kids of all ages to make and involves just the right amount of mess to keep it fun!

Binge! Watch, that is…

Rainy days are the best days ever for an all-day television binge fest! Lord of the Rings? Yes, please! Harry Potter? All-day long! Star Wars? Bring it! Microwave that popcorn, bust out those munchies, scoop that ice cream and get your inner movie critic going on! Get your best jammies, onesies, blankies, pillows, and snacks and take it to the limit with whatever movie series floats your boat! Pirates of the Caribbean, episodes 1 through 5? Sure!

Check Out Getting Checked Out!

Your local library is more than a book depository. There are often movies, plays, puppet shows, arts and crafts, and even special guests that bring cool insects and fun pets! Get online and find them! Not only is library membership FREE, but it’s a good way to establish a lifelong love of discovery and learning for your kids! The local library website posts all the events happening in the library here in Katy and it can even be a great place to meet other bookworms and potentially arrange playdates – you can even get your kids to sign up to the book boodies program where volunteers are paired with the little ones each week for a shared reading session. The next one starts on September 9th!


This timeless classic is perfect for kids (and adults too) and allows your kids to be super creative in their endeavors. There are so many lego sets available on the market today that you’re sure to find a theme that suits your kids to a T. Whether it’s Mighty Dinosaurs or the Ship in a Bottle; trust me, the latter takes far more than one rainy day.

It’s designed to get your child thinking but in a fun way too, so not only will they be having a great time indoors, but they’ll also be developing their creative and problem solving cognitive skills. It’s a win-win!

Release Your Inner Cowboy or Indian!

Remember blanket forts? All the pillows, sheets, and blankets that can be arranged and rearranged to create brand new worlds and neighborhoods! Build an empire and claim to be the King or Queen! Right here at home! Are you being chased by tigers?  Lions? Aliens? Escape to the retreat of your very own fort and find refuge while you plot your strategy! Make sure to grab some snacks and a flashlight!