5 Reasons Why a Paralegal Training Program is Beneficial

If you want to be a paralegal but need a bit of motivation to get the ball rolling with a training program, then this post is for you. Having an accredited paralegal training program can actually make you stand out among the pool of candidates when looking for a job. Moreover, when you are starting your legal career, a paralegal program can get your career off the ground. Finding the right college can be challenging when you want to start your career as a professional paralegal. You should look for a paralegal training program in Toronto accredited by the Law Society of Ontario, which also offers internship placement in a legal setting. You surely have your own reasons for pursuing a paralegal career, but here are some good ones to help you power through your next steps.

1.      Empowerment to Represent Clients in Courts:

The best thing about paralegal career is a special status as compared to your peers in Canada. The paralegals of Ontario are empowered to represent their clients in small claims court and a range of tribunals such as Human Rights, Immigration and Refugee, Landlord and Tenant, and workplace Safety tribunals. They have the ability to help the people directly and make a real impact in their lives by running the case thoroughly, from start to finish. Being a paralegal allows you to help people when they are suffering through the most difficult situations in their lives. It’s rewarding to see the benefit they receive from your service.

2.      Steady Demand for Paralegals in Ontario:

The latest report from Job Bank of Government of Canada shows a steady demand for paralegals in Ontario. The demand for affordable legal services is the key driver in Ontario because more people seek out alternatives to high priced lawyers here. People will always need lawyers, and that’s why lawyers will always need certified, knowledgeable paralegals. The outlook for paralegals in the industry is extremely strong.

3.      Competitive Wages:

The salary report 2018 from the Government of Canada shows that many paralegals in Ontario are earning well above the national average salary of $51000 per year. At the top end of the scale, paralegals are making almost $90,000 per year, and their median salary is about 52,000 annually. Therefore, those salaries are fairly competitive, particularly if you have attended paralegal classes Toronto.

4.      Career Growth Opportunities:

Being a paralegal, you will have various opportunities to advance your career within law firms and courts. You can advance to management positions and supervisor positions. Moreover, you are not bound to work in a law firm. Many other sectors require paralegals such as corporate legal departments, banks, hospitals, tribunals, administrative agencies, armed forces, insurance companies, government agencies, and finance companies. You can also teach at a paralegal school or work for a paralegal organization.

5.      Ability to be Self-employed:

You can also choose to freelance rather than work for an employer. You can work from home and decide what kinds of cases you want to take on, how many hours you work. A paralegal training includes courses on management, marketing and advertising your services, and digital file management so that you can be a successful business owner. The latest report from Statistics Canada shows that 11% of paralegals in Ontario are self-employed. Running your own business of paralegal services is an incredible opportunity to determine your earning potential and steer your own ship.