Stage II Water Restrictions in Effect for City of Katy

By George Slaughter

Katy city residents and businesses are being asked to conserve water following the city’s implementation of Stage II water restrictions. The restrictions come in response to continued high temperatures and relatively little or no rainfall in recent days.

Citizens are asked to intensify their efforts to keep water from running off into streets, drains, or ditches. They are also asked to repair water leaks as needed and reduce watering for lawns and landscaping to no more than three times a week, between 7 p.m. and 7 a.m.

Citizens are also urged to reduce water usage for power washing, and to wait to establish new landscaping to reduce water demand.

The city implemented the restrictions Wednesday morning.

The city’s office of emergency management said water restriction stages are based on daily water usage versus daily well pumpage for three consecutive days as set forth by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality. The city council Monday updated the city code to be consistent with regulations as set by the commission and the Texas Water Development Board.

The city will also follow water conservation practices during this time. It will discontinue flushing water mains and hydrants, along with irrigation of all public-landscaped areas. The city will prohibit using water to wash vehicles and trailers, though commercial car washes will be allowed as needed.

The city will prohibit using water for non-essential activities, including dust control, fountains, washing of sidewalks, streets or public access areas

According to the National Weather Service, the Katy area is expected to remain dry until Friday, when a 20% chance of rain is expected. The chance of rain increases to 40% Saturday. High temperatures will be in the low 90s.