3 Things You Should Do Following a Car Accident

Over 3 million Americans are injured in car accidents each year. Being involved in one of these collisions can be a life-changing experience. In the moments immediately following a car accident, you may feel a bit confused and scared. In some instances, the injuries sustained in these accidents can lead to lifelong disabilities.

Instead of shutting down and sitting in shock following a car accident, you will have to take action. If this accident was caused by the other driver, you have some work to do. When going in to get car accidents legal information, a lawyer will usually ask for evidence of the other driver’s wrongdoing. Having things like an accident report and copies of the medical bills from the accident is a must.

The following are some of the things you need to do following an automobile accident.

Following a car accident, you will have to take action

1. Contact the Authorities Immediately

Once you have regained your composure after the initial shock of being in an accident wears off, your first move needs to be calling the authorities. Some people think that smaller fender-benders are nothing to contact the cops about. Even the smallest accident can lead to damage and injuries, which is why calling 911 is so important.

By calling this emergency number, you can get both the cops and an ambulance on the way. When they arrive, the EMTs will check out both parties involved in the accident. The police officers will begin filling out an accident report as this is going on. This accident report will generally assign fault for the accident and will feature statements from witnesses.

2. Gathering Your Own Evidence is Crucial

In some cases, the person at fault for an automobile accident will try to remove incriminating evidence from the scene. Neglecting to prevent this may lead to you being unable to get compensation for your pain and suffering. Instead of waiting until the cops arrive, you need to get out of your vehicle and start gathering evidence on your own.

Taking pictures of the damage to your vehicle is a good idea. You will also need to talk with the other driver to get their insurance information. While law enforcement will do a thorough job when it comes to investigating the crash in question, it is always a good idea to have your own evidence.

In the moments immediately following a car accident, learn to act quickly

3. Consulting With an Attorney is a Wise Move

Once the dust from your accident has settled, your next move needs to be consulting with car accident attorneys in your area. Before going in for a consultation with a lawyer, you will need to gather some information. Taking in the accident report is a great way to get advice on whether the case in question is worth pursuing.

When speaking with a lawyer about your case, be sure to ask them about what they charge. Most attorneys who handle these cases will work on a contingent basis. This means they will not get paid unless they get you a settlement. With a bit of time and research, finding an attorney to help you with these complicated legal matters will be a breeze.

Avoid Going Into Battle Alone

Negotiating a fair settlement with an insurance company is a lot harder than most people realize. Attempting to go into negotiations alone can lead to lots of mistakes being made. This is why working with a legal professional is such a good idea.