Is It Legal to Buy Academic Essays Online?

In the recent past buying essay online is a very hotly contested topic surrounded by many questions. Many consider the use of essay writing services as illegal and cheating in the scholarly world. Most students who find themselves overwhelmed by study pressures and workload sometimes seek online writing help as the hands-on way out of the situation. The academic faculty contest is buying an essay and consider it akin to plagiarism. 

A group of academic experts did a significant amount of research on the tense topics and compiled data as the foundation of this article. In reality, buying an essay online not expressly illegal and what matters most is how the student chooses to use academic writing services and the essay afterward. Most essay writing services have a disclaimer not responsible for how the student uses their works after purchase. Theses services further provide a gray area on whether it’s illegal to use custom essays or not. 

Moral debate

Over 20, 000 students across the UK, US, and Canada use professional writing services on an annual basis according to The Conversation. The main reason a student seeks essay help is purely the workload driven, the academic faculty begs to differ. The professional essay writer gives those students a specific advantage over others who work on the essays themselves. Some professor’s akin custom essay as plagiarism, but no anti-plagiarism system can detect whether the paper has been purchased or written by the student. 

First of all, it is imperative to mention that ordering essays help online is entirely legal. The student pays for a professional to write an essay and after the work is done the essay becomes the property of the student. If the question of morality does not concern the student, then they can buy a piece online with no fear. Although the online writing services offer significant help, the fact remaining the essay content is not the work of the student. Moreover, the student can purchase the essay as a guide in writing their paper. 

Helping students cheat

Some students don’t have to submit the essay but use them as samples. In some cases, the academic faculty has brought to light that online writing services help a poor student cheat in their exams. Still, the able financially student purchases the essays, and buy their way to top grades they do not deserve. Essay writing services do not just write an assignment for the student. They help a weak student the same way; a parent would support their kids with homework. The services provide help to the student complete a perfect paper void of all errors. Most people see this as a disadvantage to the student not financially well off struggling to achieve and maintain the same grades. However, this the same scenario where a family able parent would hire a private tutor for their kids. Thus, the services do not tilt the scales in favor of the student who can afford to buy their services. The system favors student who is working harder or has a better understanding of the topic.


The academic world takes ownership and originality very seriously, and no professional scholarly writing websites come short. Every essay provided to the student by the writing services is an original, well-cited and free of plagiarized text. 

Order a part of the work

Yes, completing coursework can be very difficult. It is time-consuming and also demands pursuit. The student should seek online essay writing service help as part of the work such essay editing and proofreading. The student has learned to work hard, but also smart, and ordering online essay online is part of the learning curve that helps the student develop their time management skills. Ordering part of the work promotes discipline and focus on reaching their end goals.

The primary challenge would be over dependent on professional essay services, offering a temporary moment of relief through the difficulties of their course workload.

An online help service that helps the student to gain experience, and the ability to work through a tough, stressful situation is a very variable skill to have. The student orders the services they are weak at thus gaining experience and skills to undertakings the same task in the future. This a great way to learn, but in the process of writing part of the essay, they will be learning and absorbing threat information plus what is provided by writing services.

What is illegal?

There is risk associated with ordering an essay online. First, the student must be ready to pay for the essay and if they refuse, that’s illegal. Second, the student must order from reputable sites that are keen on free-plagiarism and essay void of any grammar mistakes. Lastly, there is an unpleasant situation when working with professional writing help; the writer can disappear, and you end up with no essay or send a paper full of mistakes. If something goes wrong, end up losing a lot, especially missed deadlines.

So, as the debate on the legality of ordering essays online continues, currently it, not illegal to buy an essay online, but the ethical question is always there depending on how you view it. The student must know the right path to walk down either undertake the essay alone and fail or outsource help online and pass. Hard work does not necessarily mean you will pass, working smart on the other side does. In the end, taking educational experience into their hand is boost learning, preparing them for their reality of the real world filled with pressure, struggles, and workload. However, seeking help to perform a different task better also allows the student to learn, the same case as finding paper samples from the professor and using them to write a separate essay.