Internet Tips For Event Planners

Planning, organising and marketing your business event can be time consuming and stressful, especially if it’s your first exhibition. Undertake planning and promoting in equal measure, and let the internet help with all aspects of the process. There are online stores where you can order everything from roller banners and furniture to audio-visual equipment for your event, and a range of online tools to help with everything from project management, to event promotion. Enjoy this small selection of some of the best.

Check out Trello

If you have a small (or large) team working on your event project, Trello is a free project management app which can help make sure you all work off the same page. With a selection of lists, cards and boards, Trello helps ensure each team member knows their tasks, and keeps everyone up to speed on snags, solutions, and planning progress.

An Inspirational library

If you’ve never organised an event before, or even if you have but are running out of inspiration for this year’s happening, consider these three apps. Google Alerts, Feedly, and Evernote. All work in a similar way, allowing you to surf the net for inspirational event blogs, photographs and ideas that you can store in the same place. They can also be programmed to provide alerts for any subject you want up to the minute information on.

With planning complete, venue arranged, dates organised, and equipment, furniture and promotional materials ordered, it’s time to get down to some serious event promoting. Obviously, you will promote your event on your website, and contact suppliers and clients by snail mail or email. However, what about the prospective clients you also want to attract. Enter social media.

Event promotion on social media – Facebook

There is still a place for promoting your business and events using traditional mail and leaflet drops, and should be considered another string to the promotional bow. However, one cannot get away from the fact that, with over 600-million daily users, a business and events page on Facebook will have far greater reach. Give the page a short, catchy and memorable title. Add eye-catching company logo or photograph, and add regular, relevant, new content, such as a daily countdown to the big event. It is also worth considering using Facebook Ads to promote your event, but monitor your return on investment during the campaign.


If you haven’t yet signed up with LinkedIn, now is the time to do it. With over 100-million monthly users, it is the ideal tool for both industry specific events and B2C exhibitions. You can add basic statements with links back to your website or Fb event page, or utilize LinkedIn’s Channels by adding more in-depth articles, to attract additional viewers more indirectly associated with your brand, products or services.

Infographics, photos and video

Statistics prove content that includes infographics, photos and video, already drives a higher proportion of traffic than content alone. If you’re already into video on YouTube, consider getting things moving from the get-go, with footage from the previous year’s event. Failing that, record your arrival at the venue and the setup stages. Add a little fly-on-the-wall, behind the scenes footage. Anything to pique the interest of undecided attendees, before the big day arrives.

If one of your event team wants to be a movie star, consider utilising Instagram’s Livestream, or Facebooks Live feature, but be sure the content is fresh, relevant and stays on track.

Don’t forget the hashtags

You want to get your event out there – get a hashtag. Usable across all social media platforms, take the time to come up with a short, catchy and unique hashtag. Keep it relevant and keep it short, but most of all, keep it memorable.


With so many platforms available to promote your event, daily and twice daily updates, statuses and tweets, how are you ever going to find enough time to get anything else organised? Apps like Buffer can undertake most of the posting for you. From a single, easy to use dashboard, you can compose and tailor posts to suit all your various social media platforms. Add the times you want each post published, and let your digital assistant do the rest.

There are hundreds, if not thousands of webpages, blogs, platforms and apps out there, all designed to help you plan and promote your next event. Use them, and make your event the successful happening all your hard work deserves.