To be considered obese, one’s body mass index has to be 30 or higher

Harris, Fort Bend, Waller Counties

To be considered obese, one’s body mass index has to be 30 or higher. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), in 2016, 1.9 billion adults were overweight, and 650 million of them, were obese. That adds up 39 percent of them being overweight and 13 percent being obese. In comparison, 33 percent of adults living in Texas are obese, ranking them 14th highest in the country.

With the progression of obesity comes health-related conditions. Without proper education on causes and preventative methods, obesity can lead to diabetes, heart disease, arthritis, stroke, and even certain cancers. In 2010, 1.3 million Texas residents suffered from heart disease. By 2030, that number is projected to increase to 5.7 million. Nationwide and statewide statistics are often overlooked due to the magnitude. For someone living in counties such as Harris, Fort Bend, and Waller County, Texas, it is hard to relate because the data collected isn’t specific to them. Luckily, has gathered information to help many similar to those who reside in those counties.

Harris County, TX

The average weight of men living in Harris County is 227 pounds, with a BMI of 33. Women weigh around 189 pounds and have a BMI of 32, only 1 percent lower than men. It is recommended men and women lose 61.8 pounds.

Fort Bend County, TX

Men living in Fort Bend County weigh 227 pounds, on average, while women weigh around 187 pounds. Based off these weights, both men and women have a BMI of 33. The suggested weight to lose is 57.4 pounds to reach a healthier weight range.

Waller County, TX

Women living in Waller County weigh an average of 200 pounds and have a BMI of 33. The suggested weight to lose if 67.1 pounds, which is 9 percent higher than the state average of 61.6 pounds.

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