Top 5 Reasons to Try Online Slot Games

If you’d a few minutes to spare right now and could use them to do anything, what would you do?  I know what you’re thinking: Nothing much (not exactly in those words, but you know what I mean). Yet, that’s not necessarily true. In fact, you could do a lot worse than use that time to play online slots like those found at Here are five reasons why.


Though online slots come in many shapes and sizes, most have one thing in common – freebies. Actually, after downloading one onto your smartphone, you’ll almost certainly be offered free spins. Many apps also give you free cash. Wow! And because of these gifts, you don’t have to worry about putting a dent in your savings account. Traditional casinos would probably escort you out the door if you started demanding such privileges, but you can simply leave online slots if they don’t provide any. It’s a win-spin situation really!


Odds at online slots rock. Slot machines at casinos can’t compete as their owners have to cover the costs of things like staff and free drinks for customers. A recent study on the payout percentages at online and land-based slots in the UK highlights this chasm. Rates of up to 100% were discovered online, whereas 94% was the highest found on traditional slots.  Therefore, you’ve a much better chance in cyberspace.


Not only are the odds generous, jackpots are huge, too. For example, Jon Heywood entered the Guinness book of records in 2015 for his win on the online slot Mega Moolah. The British solider won £13.2 million. And do you know how much money he bet? 25p! (Have you got any spare change, please?)


Slots of the online variety are so much fun as you can play one based on just about any theme. Comic book fans, for instance, gorge on the Marvel slots, while football fanatics feast on an array of footy slots. What’s more, you can access all these by merely clicking a few buttons. Although there are many different kinds of offline slots, too, land-based casinos are restricted by floor space. So, you’d need to travel to thousands of them to even come close to matching the selection available at online sites.


Finally, online slots give you greater control over your gaming. You get to decide how much  to wager and when to play. For instance, let’s say you’d just a few pence in your pockets and wanted to play slots immediately; you could easily do so at online slots. But, it’d be a lot harder to satisfy your wish at a bricks and mortar casino as you’d have to be somewhere nearby and would be at the mercy of their opening hours and rules.


Online slots are amazing fun and provide tons of freebies, generous odds, enormous payouts, more choice and a greater degree of control. So, are you ready to take a spin?