Tan is Out as Katy Police Adopt New Uniforms

By George Slaughter

Katy Police Officer Eddie Garza – George Slaughter photo

Katy police officers are getting new uniforms and a new look. The familiar two-tone with tan is being phased out to a dark blue look.

Police Chief Noe Diaz said the new uniforms are more cost-effective and easier to acquire. It’s becoming a trend around the Greater Houston area. Diaz said he couldn’t think of any other municipality in Harris County with a two-tone uniform.

Even though the tan is being retired, officers will continue wearing the same badges, shoulder police department patches, and other items they typically wear on their uniforms.

“Not a lot of companies make the tan uniforms anymore,” Diaz said. “I think they (the new uniforms) look pretty sharp.”

The department is issuing the new uniforms to new officers and phasing in the new uniforms to veteran officers as budgets permit.

“We’re very disciplined how we spend our money,” Diaz said. “We can’t go out there and make a mass purchase for 63 police officers.”

The uniform is a hit with officers. Diaz said an informal poll taken among police officers was 39-1 in favor of the new uniforms. Diaz said the officer who voted against the design was concerned with the material because of the heat.

While Diaz joked that he was not a garment expert, the new uniforms are made of a “breathable, wearable, more modern material.” The uniforms are on the shelves and in stock.

“If one guy tears his pants at work, I can send him to get new pants,” Diaz said. “It’s not going to be a strong expense.”

At Monday’s Katy City Council meeting, Diaz took a moment to introduce the department’s newest officer, Eddie Garza, who returns to his hometown after serving as an officer in West Texas. Garza, a 2003 Katy High School graduate, was wearing the new uniform.