Altierus Career College Offers “In-It-Together” Scholarship for Surgical Technology Program  

Up to Half of Tuition Reimbursable to Pursue an In-Demand Healthcare Career

HOUSTON, Texas (June 17, 2019)—Altierus Career College announced today that current and future surgical technology students are eligible for the “In It Together” Scholarship, which  reimburses up to half of a student’s tuition and fees – nearly $16,000 – after they have completed their program and passed the certification exam.

“Our scholarships and financial aid programs aim to reduce the burden of college costs for students wanting to gain skills that lead to a career,” said Syed Kazmi, campus director at Altierus-Bissonnet in Houston. “We do all we can to support our students, from hands-on learning to affordable education.”

According to the Greater Houston Partnership, healthcare jobs are expected to grow at a higher rate than any other industry in the Houston market through the end of 2019, driven by local population growth and senior care. Surgical technologist jobs should benefit from this growth, as Texas is among the national leaders in employment of surgical technologists.

To be eligible, students must:

  • Apply for the scholarship upon enrolling in the surgical technology program at Altierus.
  • Maintain continuous enrollment in the program and graduate within 36 months (the program is designed to be completed in 24 months).
  • Successfully pass the corresponding certification exam on the first or second attempt and within 60 days of graduation.

Altierus also supports students with professional skills development, resume development, job interview practice, externships or clinical rotations, and job placement assistance. Recognizing that a student’s success relies on a balance between the demands of daily life and their education, Altierus provides tablets, library computers, tutors and other resources to help support continuity of the school experience.

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About Altierus
Altierus Career College is a nonprofit provider of career and technical training. With campuses in Tampa, Florida; Norcross, Georgia; and Houston, Texas, Altierus helps students build strong professional and personal skills through 1:1 guidance and a community of students accountable to each other and faculty to help them stay on track throughout their journey. Altierus is part of Zenith Education Group, a nonprofit career education system that builds better student experiences through new programs, campus improvements, grants and scholarships. For more information, visit