Be Our Guest! Beauty and the Beast: The Broadway Musical Delights Audiences Opening Night at Fulshear High School

FULSHEAR, Texas (May 23, 2019) – Fulshear High School’s Theatre, Charger Theatre, presents Beauty and the Beast: The Broadway Musical May 24-25 at FHS’s Auditorium, 9302 Charger Way.

Audiences across America were charmed by the Walt Disney Feature Animation of the same name released in 1991, and the stage version is based upon that Academy Award-winning film.  It includes the memorable songs written by Alan Menken and Howard Ashman, along with some new and upbeat numbers by Mr. Menken and Tim Rice that will leave young and old alike humming new tunes.

This classic story comes to life on stage as Belle, the daughter of an eccentric inventor, is relentlessly pursued by the ever-so-handsome, yet pretentious, Gaston.  She has a love for books, and well, he has a love for himself and simply wants to marry the most beautiful girl in the small, provincial town.  When Belle’s father vanishes, she finds him locked in a dungeon, the Beast’s prisoner, and offers herself as prisoner instead so that her father may go free.  The romantic and beloved fairytale that ensues shows us all how true beauty does come from within. 

Audiences raved about the opening night performance Thursday, May 23, “watching these kids transform into the characters they portray was positively mind blowing.  Casting couldn’t have been more perfect – they were phenomenal!” 

Beauty and the Beast: The Broadway Musical is perfect for the whole family! Director Adam Delka agrees, “The message this story tells is as relevant today as it was when written. You can never judge a book by it’s cover; Belle reminds the audience of this as she navigates dealing with the dreamy, yet horrid, Gaston who severely contrasts with the grotesque, yet gentle and kind, Beast.  The students have spent countless hours creating the characters brought to life on stage, “It has been such an honor directing these students and watching them grow as actors and performers,” Adam adds.

This high school production showcases talented students from not only Fulshear High School, but from surrounding schools along the Purple Track as well.  These additional young performers range from 8 years old to 8th grade. Directed by Adam Delka, Assistant Directed by Nicholas Farco, and with Music Director Benjamin Luss, Beauty and the Beast: The Broadway Musical offers two more evening shows May 24-25, both at 7pm. 

Tickets are $5 for students, $10 for adults and are available now at , as well as at the door prior to performance.

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photos by Erika Waldorf


892: Gaston (Brody McLemore) has his eyes set on Belle (Madeline Dismore) the most beautiful girl in town even though his sidekick Le Fou (Lani Alvarado) tries to steer him away from her. 

948: The townsfolk gawk at the unusual Belle (Madeline Dismore) as she chooses to read a book walking through the streets of the quaint, provincial town, so unlike everyone else. 

1114: Belle (Madeline Dismore) and her father Maurice (Hunter Tortorice) prepare to test the latest invention he plans to sell at market. 

1198: The three silly girls (Jay Broadnax, Anika Adames, and Joy Ani) are distraught upon hearing the news that Gaston (Brody McLemore) intends to marry Belle. 

1313: Lumiere (Lee Hooker) and Cogsworth (Sam Lindsey) freeze in place when Belle (Madeline Dismore) enters the castle looking for her father. 

1421: Le Fou (Lani Alvarado) dances with pubgoers Cael Jurkowski and Ty Kingsbury in an attempt to raise Gaston’s spirits after Belle turned down his marriage proposal. 

1655: Lumiere (Lee Hooker) dazzles Belle as he presents her dinner… with entertainment: “Be Our Guest” is sung by all the living house items in hopes that Belle will feel more comfortable in the cold, cursed castle.

1794: The Beast (Elias Houeiss) has discovered through meeting Belle a newfound hope that just might break the spell before the last petal falls from the rose. 

2032: Belle (Madeline Dismore) and the Beast (Elias Houeiss) dance to the iconic “Tale as Old as Time” sung by Mrs. Potts.