Healthy Vision: Effective Tips for Children to Protect Their Eyes 

Children may not understand if something wrong happens to them. They can invite troubles by disregarding safety measures. Parents are responsible for protecting their children from injuries. You have to pay special attention to their eyes. Arrange regular appointments for your children with Cherry Hill eye doctors. It can help you to detect vision loss, allergies or any other disease related to eyes. Here are some tips to protect the eyes of your children.

Focus on Prevention

Initially, you have to take proactive measures to prevent injuries. Make sure to arrange safety goggles for the beautiful eyes of your child. They should wear safety gears while playing sports, playing with colors or fireworks. Arrange swimming goggles for children because the chlorine in the swimming pool is dangerous for their eyes.

Prefer Soft Toys

Children play board games or play with toys. These things seem harmless, but an accidental movement can hurt their eyes. If an object or toy is blunt or soft, the damage can be minimal. With soft toys, you can protect your children from permanent injuries. Avoid hard toys and sharp objects because these are risky.

Avoid Eye Cosmetics

Sometimes, parents apply liner or Kajal in the eyes of their children as a part of their tradition. However, the substances of these products are not safe for your kids. Avoid any eye cosmetics, even high-quality pencils. These may have chemicals to affect the vision of your child.

Instruct Your Child to Stop Rubbing

Everyone rubs an irritated eye to relieve it. However, rubbing can aggravate this problem. In this way, an external body in your eye may rub hardly against your eyeball. Moreover, rubbing your eyes with dirty hands can transfer bacteria and germs in your eyes. It can increase the chances of eye infection. Teach your children not to rub their eyes consistently. Rubbing can make your eye infections worse. Ask your child to use water to clean his/her eyes.

Decrease the Use of Digital Devices

Digital screens and devices are available in different shapes and sizes. It is difficult to stop your child from their use. Children love to watch videos on smartphones and play video games. As a result, they spend several hours in front of the computer. Extended exposure to digital screens and devices can degrade the eyesight of your child. They will suffer from vision problems at a young age.

Instruct them to keep a reasonable distance from the screen while watching cartoons. It will decrease the strains on their eyes. Make sure to lit your room correctly so that light from television could not affect their eyes.

Balanced Diet and Adequate Rest

Your child needs a healthy diet for eyes and body. Iron-rich food and green leafy vegetables can develop sharp eyesight. Make sure to serve them fresh fruits, such as mangoes, papaya, etc. Try to choose yellow fruits that are rich in beta-carotene.

Along with a balanced diet, your eyes need rest. Your child should get sufficient sleep to let his/her eyes rest. Try to involve him/her in physical activities to decrease the chances of eye strain.