Beyond The Aesthetics of a Tummy Tuck

Our bodies are fluid. Depending on what you consume, your age and some of the physical activities you perform, your stomach area can bulge so much so, that you need some help to get rid of it. Typically, people turn to physical exercises to raise metabolism so that the fat can slowly but surely disappear. However, this process is not a quick fix, and the odds are you’ll still be working out hard six months later with the aim of getting a better-toned midsection.

However, thankfully exercising and working out aren’t the only solutions to getting back your youthful body and a manageable midsection. Today, the tummy tuck is a prevalent procedure done mostly for women to help them with their midsections so that they can regain their self-confidence and live a healthier life.

Medically known as an abdominoplasty, this procedure is common in the “mommy makeover” packages where women who have undergone pregnancy and breastfeeding have the options to regain their youthful bodies by undergoing several surgeries targeting parts of the body that are less than ideal. However, the benefits of this procedure go deeper than the cosmetic side. Here are some of the well-documented benefits of getting a Tummy Tuck Mississauga.

Easier to keep the weight off

The main reason most bariatric patients go under the knife is because of issues of their weight. According to findings by Swiss researchers, it was found that people who undergo surgery to lose weight keep it off for the longest time post-surgery. In fact, it has been documented that these patients gain roughly about a pound per year as opposed to the bariatric ones who gained an average of 4 lbs. in a similar period. Since the procedure takes about six weeks to heal, these patients have to undergo a lot of therapy both physically and emotionally which helps them keep the discipline that helps the pounds to stay away.

Better posture

Because of the weight caused by the extra layers of fat around your midsection coupled with excess skin and weakened abdominal muscles, some people develop a condition called lordosis or as its better known “sway back.” This condition causes people to stay hunched over; a situation that often leads to a strained spine and back pains. When the tummy tuck is being done, the abdominal muscles are given proper support to ensure that they get stronger during the recovery period. As these muscles get stronger and provide the necessary support to the spine, your posture improves, and backaches disappear.

Handling stress urinary incontinence

Women who deliver babies the old fashioned way via a vaginal birth sometimes develop a condition called stress urinary incontinence (SUI). This is where the bladder can empty itself at awkward times without your intention to do so. This usually occurs when exercising, sneezing, coughing or even laughing. Not many people know of this condition outside a circle of women and mothers. As such, it can be very uncomfortable and cause embarrassment in public. During a tummy tuck, a plastic surgeon can help you recover by using a soft tissue to obstruct the bladder. After recovery, most women do not experience SUI again.


Although tummy tucks are primarily used to get rid of the excess fat in the midsection of the body, its benefits surpass that. Under the watchful eye of a licensed and certified doctor, this procedure can help out a lot.