Waller County Businesses Now Have a New Option for Group Health Insurance 

HOUSTON (March 18, 2019) – Employers in Waller County now have a new option for group health insurance as Memorial Hermann Health Plan expands its offerings for both small and large businesses.

A longtime provider of healthcare solutions for employers across Greater Houston, Memorial Hermann Health Plan recently expanded its small group selectHMO plan and large group select HMO plans into Waller County.

“We are thrilled to be able to provide affordable health insurance options for Brazoria County businesses that allow them to have access to Memorial Hermann’s extensive network of healthcare providers and facilities across the region,” said Jamie Reynoso, Senior Vice President and CEO of Memorial Hermann Health Plan. “As part of our commitment to help make our community a healthier place to live and work, we are dedicated to expanding access to health care and insurance coverage for people across Greater Houston.”

The small group plan is available to businesses that employ between two and 50 individuals; the large group offerings are available to employers with 51 or more employees.

“Businesses headquartered in Waller County can now sign up for Memorial Hermann Health Plans, giving their employees an option that provides competitive rates and a broad continuum of care through the Memorial Hermann system,” Reynoso said.

Members of the Memorial Hermann Health Plan gain access to the system’s hospitals, Urgent Cares and Convenient Care Centers, home health services, rehabilitation centers, outpatient imaging, and laboratory services, as well as affiliated physicians from every specialty.

For more information, visit http://healthplan.memorialhermann.org, call 713-338-4683 or email mhhealthsales@memorialhermann.org.