Texas Education Agency awards $1.7 million grant to Harmony Public Schools

Grant will provide scholarships for 30 aspiring school leaders

in Harmony districts across Texas.

The Texas Education Agency has announced a $1.7 million grant for Harmony Public Schools as part of the TEA’s 2019-2020 Principal Preparation Grant.

The grant will provide scholarships for 30 aspiring school leaders in Harmony districts across Texas to earn their master’s degree and principal’s certification from the University of Texas-Tyler. Staff selection will begin later this spring, with enrollment for selected candidates to begin during the Summer 2019 college semester.

Only 17 schools districts statewide were chosen by the TEA for the program; six were from Harmony Public Schools, including districts in AustinDallas-Fort Worth-WacoEl Paso-Lubbock-OdessaHouston, and San Antonio-Brownsville-Laredo. Harmony was the only charter school system chosen for the grant.

“What we know is, second to teachers, the most influential people for student achievement are our school leaders,” said Teri Perez, Assistant Director of Leadership Development for Harmony Public Schools. “Texas-certified leaders have a more well-rounded cadre of tools at their disposal, including the knowledge and skills necessary for practical leadership of a campus.”

“Dedicated Staff” has been one of Harmony’s five core values since the Texas public charter school system’s founding. Through the school’s Leadership Development Program, Harmony is able to provide employees a variety of options for professional learning and advancement. In addition to the new, TEA-funded Principal Preparation Program, Harmony employees also are eligible for the schools’ Aspiring Leaders Academy, an educational reimbursement program, and micro-learning/micro-credentialing programs.

To learn more about careers at Harmony, visit https://www.harmonytx.org/HR.php.