Tips for Getting a Pardon in Canada

Pardon removes your criminal records from the RCMP database. A criminal record can really prevent you from living a normal life. For example, you will be faced with so many restrictions if you want to travel, your right to education will be restricted and you cannot compete fairly for employment opportunities. Getting a pardon allows you live normally without getting haunted by your criminal records. This article will guide you to obtain a pardon.

Applying for Pardon

The right time to apply for pardon is immediately after you have duly completed your court sentences such as the conditional sentence order, jail term or probation. There is a certain period of time you should wait for before applying for pardon. This depends on the nature of your criminal offense. It ranges from 5 to 10 years. The longest period you will have to wait is 10 years if you have indictable offenses. If you have committed more than four of these type of offenses you are not eligible for a pardon.

The application process is really hectic. There are number of documents that you are require to submit. Due to the complexity of this process, you might consider hiring a lawyer to represent you. The following are the documents that you are required to submit to the national pardon center.

  1. 1. A National Wide RCMP Fingerprints– This should be done by all the certified institutions across Canada. These documents should be completed using LIVEscan and should be sent back to the RCMP.
  2. A History of your Convictions– you should submit documents showing all your convictions in the past. If any of your criminal records is missing, you will need to prove that it is indeed missing.
  3. Your Records from the Local Police– You should get these records from the local police in your current town of residence. You must also get the records from the police in all the towns you have lived in the past five years for more than three months.
  4. Information from the Court– Get your information from the law courts that heard your case. If your judgment was passed by more than just one court, you should get the information from all the courts.
  5. Record Suspension Application Form– Before submitting your documents, ensure that you have filled the form in all the fields. You can have your lawyer help you fill in the form.

If you would like to clear your criminal records early, then you must start the process early. It takes a lot of time for the pardon to be granted. Immediately, you are eligible for a pardon, apply for it.

After your name has been cleared off the criminal records you will be notified. Getting a pardon does not mean that you will be completely erased from the criminal records. People interested in your criminal past will not be able to find it. It means that your name will be set aside from other criminal records to help you live a normal life.