H-GAC Announces Our Great Region Award Winners

Awards Recognize Outstanding Local Community Initiatives

The Houston-Galveston Area Council announces the third annual Our Great Region award winners, recognizing outstanding local projects advancing goals and strategies identified in the Our Great Region 2040 plan. Our Great Region 2040 is a high-level plan focused on making the Gulf Coast region a better place to live, work, and succeed, as defined by measurable goals, by the year 2040.

Five local governments and organizations received awards across five categories, demonstrating innovative quality work focused on building a more vibrant region.

The Excellence Award, the highest honor, recognizes projects best advancing the vision of the Our Great Region 2040 plan.

The Connection Award honors projects advancing two or more of the Our Great Region 2040 plan’s strategies through innovative partnerships.

The Diligence Award honors an implemented project executing a creative and tenacious approach to overcoming challenges to implementation.

The Opportunity Award honors a project helping overcome disparities in access to opportunity.

The Reach Award honors a project demonstrating exemplary public participation.

Read more about the award-winning projects athttps://www.ograwards.org/2018-award-winners.html.

More information about H-GAC’s Our Great Region 2040 is available atwww.ourregion.org.

Houston-Galveston Area Council

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