Commissioner Christian Rebuts Climate Catastrophists Call for Government Overregulation

AUSTIN – A coalition of climate catastrophists, led by Environment Texas, sent a letter to Governor Greg Abbott demanding immediate action to reduce emissions and combat what they claim is man-made climate change.

In response, Railroad Commissioner Wayne Christian penned a letter to the Governor applauding him for his work on energy and environmental issues and the key role it has played in ensuring American energy dominance. You can read the letter here.

“Last year, it was announced that the United States lowered its carbon emissions more than any country in the world for the ninth time in 18 years,” said Commissioner Christian. “These reductions coincide directly with the Texas shale boom and are because of our increased production and use of natural gas – not punitive government policies such as carbon-taxes or emission reduction mandates.”

“For the first time in decades, the U.S. has surpassed Saudi Arabia and Russia as the top producer of oil and gas in the world,” continued Christian. “This is no accident. It is the direct result of deliberate policy decisions made by leaders like Governor Greg Abbott and President Donald Trump. Energy security is national security, and our country is safer today because of our consistent, predictable regulatory environment.”