Graduating Students Receive Ring As Symbol Of University Years                                                                                           

KINGSVILLE (December 11, 2018) — Graduating students from Texas A&M University-Kingsville who purchased an official school ring received them during one of two special ceremonies held Saturday, Dec. 1.

Graduates and alumni are able to purchase an official Texas A&M-Kingsville ring. Students have made the ring purchase and ceremony an annual university tradition. The rings symbols reflect the university’s history and traditions.

The symbols include the school’s mascot, the javelina, because of its tenacity; mesquite and cactus, because they personify the students’ ability to survive and prosper; palm trees, because they are found all over campus; the Lone Star, because it symbolizes the state of Texas; and the College Hall clock tower, because it is the most recognized landmark on campus.

Students receiving their official school ring are listed, along with their hometown and major. All are from Texas except where otherwise noted.

Brazoria: Lane Vogt, mechanical engineering

Conroe: Lillie Sander, kinesiology

Dickinson: Kai Drinnen, agriculture science

Eagle Lake: Todd Nicholas, kinesiology

Eagle Pass: Estefania Barron, criminal justice; Laritza Botello, communication sciences and disorders; Cynthia A. Castillo, kinesiology; Cristian J. Ibarra, information systems; Jesus Gerardo Salinas Borrego, electrical engineering; Valeria M. Vasquez, psychology

Galveston: Jesse Arespe, chemical engineering; Christopher R. Gonzales, natural gas engineering

Houston: Rafael Figueroa, management; Christopher Flores-Lopez, agribusiness; Misael Garcia, accounting; Divya Kalia, criminal justice; Ashley Kimberly Mondragon, agriculture science; Jenifer Portillo, criminal justice; Jazzlyn Sharkey, biomedical science; Shahd Sami Taha, human nutrition; Christian Trejo, civil engineering

Katy: Jerald Honeycutt, chemical engineering

Rosenberg: Darren Gonzales, industrial management and technology

Sugarland: Luis Rey Coronado III, electrical engineering

Sweeny: Hayden Fails, finance

Tomball: Conner Sumbera, range and wildlife management

Victoria: Samuel Ryan Bonorden, mechanical engineering; Darra Butler, criminology; Laithen Crow, agribusiness; Joseph Huber, agribusiness; Hunter Kutach, civil engineering; Jake Wallace, industrial management

West Colombia: Michael R. French, industrial management and technology

Wharton: Carnecia Scott, kinesiology