Recent Rosenberg Animal Control/Shelter Advisory Board Achievements Exemplify Positive Effects Of The Passage Of No-Kill Resolution.

With support from a majority of the members of the Animal Advisory Board, several foundational improvements have been made in the last three months despite strong resistance from staff members. According to the published minutes on the city website, the animal advisory board has diligently met five times in three months to discuss and review recurring operational issues. Recommendations were made with the goal of removing inconsistencies and confusions in order to reach a live release rate of 90% or more. The key is to achieve the No Kill benchmark responsibly with integrity by 2020.

For the very first time,:
– the Animal Advisory Board has By-laws with standards to maintain order, resolve disputes and protecting liberties and rights;
– the shelter has a comment box to collect comments and,
– advisory board meetings will  take comments by the general public.

To reflect the most current purpose of saving  90% or more of all healthy or treatable companions animals, Rosenberg Animal Control/Shelter has a new mission and vision statements. These statements serve as a guide and critical elements of the organization’s strategy and decision-making process to add humane sheltering to the existing function of animal control. The statements will convey to grantors and donors clearly and concisely the City’s goal of moving past the format of killing for space.

The entire volunteer program is revamped and went on-line in mid-October. The infamous and highly restrictive confidential agreement document is supposed to be removed. Orientation for new volunteers has started. Foster program including palliative foster care will then follow. Marketing is the key to moving animals out faster to avoid situations of warehousing. The shelter now has promotional and educational literature to distribute to families at public events. Email blasts are being sent out to recruit assistance from rescue groups and advocates in a targeted manner. Animals are supposed to receive sterilization surgery as soon they are off stray hold. Photographs are being taken by volunteers to create positive online images in order to market the animals to future adopters/rescuers/fosters.  All in all, the combined efforts of the collective programs will soon create fluidity of the life-saving process, provided there is full support from the staff.

In addition to the positive changes made, there are several items that are still in the works.
– FBPA! is to work with shelter and city staff to implement a Positive Alternatives to Shelter Surrender (PASS) program to provide resources to help people re-home their pets;
– Shelter staff with the help of FPBA! will schedule the first Rescue Open House to build more rapport with rescue organizations;
– City Council Members Balderas, De Gregorio  and Chairwoman Vass are composing an education plan to spread the message of No Kill, TNR and other pet-related topics and,
– Preparation to advance the city ordinance to have provisions for TNR by FBPA!  is in progress.

On Saturday, November 10th 2018 FBPA! has partnered with Katy Community ‘Chip Clinic and donated 100 free microchips to be installed and registered to pets in front of Rosenberg City Hall. We are looking forward to doing more of this type of event to help prevent lost animals going into shelters and to reduce length of stay.

Many citizens are thrilled to learn of solutions implemented at root causes to improve efficiency and prevent recurrence of problems.  Support from city leaders, shelter staff and community is crucial to the success of this unprecedented community project.

The Board of Fort Bend Pets Alive! is very proud of Rosenberg residents’ involvement. Persistence and determination from locals have definitely and instrumentally given animals a strong voice in their community.

We look forward to providing another update very soon! Be informed and get involved.

About Fort Bend County Pets Alive! 
FORT BEND PETS ALIVE! is a non-profit, 501(C)3 organization, dedicated to helping make Fort Bend a no-kill community through programs such as adoptions, education and community outreach, low cost spay and neuter surgeries, fostering, Positive Alternatives to Shelter Surrender (PASS), and promote rescuing from euthanasia lists. Fort Bend Pets Alive! relies on donations. Please to donate , or volunteer.