Country Music Star Clint Black Makes Local Hurricane Relief Donation

By George Slaughter

Country music star Clint Black, formerly of Katy, has made a $328,322 donation to Katy Christian Ministries as local rebuilding efforts continue after Hurricane Harvey.

Black, along with music stars Don Henley and Lyle Lovett, all native Texans, staged a benefit concert last November in Fort Worth. Proceeds from that show, “Helping Texans: A Hurricane Harvey Benefit,” were split among the three musicians, each of whom would donate his share to the charity of his choice.

Katy Christian Ministries officials accepted the check for Black’s share Wednesday morning at a ceremony at City Hall. The organization expects to use the money to help over 100 households, an estimated 300 people.

“Currently, we have a lot of clients that are coming in and they still need home repair materials to build and finish out their homes,” Carolyn Chandler, Katy Christian Ministries grant officer, said. “They may have people who come in and do the buildup for them, but they don’t have the money to purchase the materials.”

Two other needs that the money will help address are fence reconstruction and yard re-sodding, both of which will help Katy homes meet homeowner association standards.

Chandler described fence repairs as expensive and “kind of an unmet need.”

People are still out of their homes, Chandler said. She shared the story of one elderly couple who are living in an RV in their driveway. The husband has been going into the house each day to work on it, but it isn’t ready yet.

“We’ll try to help with a payment on the mortgage, to give some kind of relief as they finish out their house,” Chandler said.

Deysi Crespo, Katy Christian Ministries executive director, said purchasing appliances for families recently resettled in their homes is a priority.

“Families have moved back into their houses, and they’re happy to have a roof over their heads, but they need appliances such as refrigerators or stoves,” Crespo said.

In August, at the one-year anniversary of the storm, Black’s representative contacted Mayor Chuck Brawner to solicit feedback on organizations active in the ongoing relief efforts in the City of Katy.

Brawner met with multiple organizations and gathered insights as to how they would use the money. He asked for written proposals, which he forwarded to Black’s representative. Black reviewed the proposals, and on September 14, decided to donate his share to Katy Christian Ministries, 5504 1st St.

“We braced ourselves through the night as the flood waters grew closer to our family’s doorsteps in Houston and Katy,” Black said in a statement. “My mom, brothers, niece and nephews were all very fortunate, and I knew I had to find a way to help those who weren’t so lucky, to recover and rebuild what was lost in the hurricane.”

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