Sen. Cruz: The Lone Star State Is Resilient, and Together We Will Continue to Rebuild the Texas Gulf Coast Stronger Than Ever Before

Releases statement and video marking first anniversary of Hurricane Harvey’s landfall and highlighting Texas’ resilience and recovery

HOUSTON, Texas – U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) today on the first anniversary of Hurricane Harvey’s landfall, issued a statement and released a video highlighting the courage and resilience of the Lone Star State, and the progress made on the road to recovery.

“Hurricane Harvey’s 135 mph winds and historic flooding left the Texas Gulf Coast with 250 miles of devastation one year ago today,” Sen. Cruz said. “But we do not mark the anniversary of Harvey in a spirit of tragedy, but in triumph. In the face of enormous destruction, Texans stood united. First responders, law enforcement, and private citizens jumped into the flood waters to save their fellow Texans from harm, and business owners and houses of worship threw open their doors to shelter those in need. That unity, along with the support of federal, state, and local partners, brought us through the storm, and has allowed the entire Texas Gulf Coast to continue making long strides down the road to recovery.”

Over the last year, Sen. Cruz worked with federal, state, and local officials to ensure Texans from Corpus Christi to Beaumont received the resources needed to recover and rebuild from the devastating winds and floods of Harvey. Since Hurricane Harvey, Texas has been awarded over $30 billion in federal disaster aid with almost $14 billion in FEMA funding in survivors’ pockets. Among other provisions, Sen. Cruz worked to secure funding for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) to protect against future storms, ensure houses of worship would be eligible for FEMA Public Assistance program grants, and provide $5 billion in targeted tax relief for storm survivors.

The full video transcript is below and may be viewed here.

“One year ago today, the Texas Gulf Coast was changed forever by Hurricane Harvey.

“Harvey is now considered one of the costliest natural disasters in U.S. history. From Corpus Christi to Louisiana, from Port Aransas to Beaumont, Texans saw 250 miles of devastation. Record amounts of rain and strong winds destroyed their homes and destroyed businesses, and precious lives were lost in Texas.

“But bright light cut through the darkness of the storm. Law enforcement and first responders saved countless lives. Citizen heroes answered the call. From men and women linking arms to save their neighbors, to business owners and churches throwing their doors open to hurting families, to our brave countrymen in the Cajun Navy.

“And over the past 365 days, the Lone Star State has made tremendous strides in recovering from Hurricane Harvey. Texans have stood shoulder-to-shoulder and helped rebuild our communities.

“In Washington, we came together and secured three major waves of federal funding, providing billions of dollars for immediate and long-term disaster relief to the state. I worked with my colleagues hand in hand to increase the overall level of disaster funding and to ensure Texas receives the aid necessary to recover.

“We increased funding for critical Army Corps flood management projects in Texas that will protect our communities from the floodwaters of future storms. And I was proud to help pass legislation that ensures that our houses of worship will always receive the FEMA disaster relief that they need.

“We also passed my Hurricane Tax Relief bill, legislation that provided more than 5 billion dollars in targeted relief to hurricane survivors.

“While I’m encouraged by the progress we have seen over the past year, the road to recovery continues onward. I will continue working hard, every day, to ensure that Texas communities still suffering from Hurricane Harvey receive the federal aid they deserve in the months ahead.

“The Lone Star State is resilient. Together, we will rebuild the Texas Gulf Coast stronger than ever before.”