(KARE) held their End of Year Celebration

The Katy Area Retired Educators (KARE) held their End of Year Celebration and announced their 2018 KARE Scholarship Recipients at their May 9,2018 KARE meeting. David Chastain (KARE member) awarded four Katy ISD students, who intend to pursue careers in public education, with $1200 KARE Scholarships. These scholarships were made possible by donations from KARE members.

Ted Vierling, Seven Lakes High School Principal, shared valuable insight into the world of teaching and expressed his appreciation for teachers.

On May 10, 2018, Katy Area Retired Educators (KARE) were honored, during teacher appreciation week, by Chick-fil-A’s operator Rusty Wylie and Assistant Marketing Director, Amy Lehr.

KARE will start the 2018/2019 school year with their Hookey Day on August 15, 2018. For more information about the Katy Area Retired Educators check out our website at http://www.localunits.org/KARE/ .


First & Second photo are from the KARE May 9th Meeting:

Back row, left to right are Warren and Carrie Lowery, Heather and Darren Sanders and Norma Fedewa.

Front row, left to right are KARE Scholarship Recipients, Brooke Lowery(Katy High School), Rebecca Sanders, Namesake Scholarship Recipient (Seven Lakes High School) and

Anna Fedewa (Seven Lakes High School and Miller Career Center). Recipient not pictured is Syasya Thompson (Morton Ranch High School).


Second Photo:

KARE’s Namesake Scholarship Recipient Rebecca Sanders pictured with her parents Heather and Darren Sanders, Namesakes Tom Wilson, Patti Shafer, Ray and Jamie Wolman.


Third & Fourth Photos are from Chick-fil-A’s  May 10th gathering:

Katy Area Retired Educators (KARE) pictured with Chick-fil-A operator, Rusty Wylie and Assistant Marketing Director, Amy Lehr  during Teacher Appreciation Week on May 10, 2018.