Katy City Council Candidate Q&A: Durran Dowdle

By George Slaughter

Durran Dowdle (City of Katy photo)

Durran Dowdle is a business manager who is competing his second term on the Katy City Council. He is seeking re-election for what would be his third and final term under term limits. He is facing challenger Sam Pearson for a Ward B council member seat.

For polling times and places, including absentee voting information, see the city’s election page.

1. Why do you want this job?

I don’t think of the position on council as a job, I consider it community service. There are many ways to serve, whether volunteering through service organizations, churches, schools and even at this level as council member. As part of the community it’s a privilege to serve and my goal is to work for the benefit of the citizens and the future of the community. I believe that part of serving is knowing when you need to allow others an opportunity to serve as well, and this will be my last term as a council member. I will put forth my best over these next two years as I have over my past terms and then allow another to step in.

2. If elected, what would your top three priorities be, and why?

We have to continue the efforts on flood mitigation. The most important part of Katy are the people who live here, and their homes need to be protected from flooding. We can’t control the weather but we can work to control the impact through proper engineering & design.

A growing community like Katy needs a budget that balances the needs for new development with upgrades to infrastructure in older parts of the city. We cannot leave the older parts of the city behind or forget their needs. This budget process must address the necessary blending of the older parts of Katy and the new developments so as not to do a disservice to existing neighbourhoods.

Finally, communication is an area that needs to be addressed; it needs to be effective, timely and available to everyone. I am a firm believer in transparency of government, and a large part of transparency is making sure we communicate effectively with our fellow citizens. It’s apparent to me that with all the communication tools that are available today a renewed focus is required to have accurate information delivered to the community first hand and readily available in timely manner.

3. Would you encourage citizens to vote for or against the bond proposal, and why?

I would encourage everyone to exercise their right to vote, to be informed of what is in the bond package. The ultimate decision is up to each individual as they decide what they believe is best for Katy. I personally do support this bond package. The City of Katy is the first city to have a bond set before its citizens that includes flood mitigation in the proposal. In this bond there is flood mitigation work, infrastructure repairs and upgrades, along with additional sewage capacity. It’s important that everyone understand the importance of the bond and how it affects their neighbourhood and the community as a whole. This is part of managing the growth in Katy.

4. Is Katy handling growth properly? If yes, why? If not, how would you, if elected, change that?

My focus is to keep residential areas free of commercial development. Gas stations and strip malls, while essential, are not necessary on every corner. The city is working hard to manage the growth, but with that growth there are growing pains. Impact and traffic studies are performed; projects are vetted thorough planning and zoning. There is a very rigid and thorough process. Even done properly it’s difficult to please everyone with any change, but as we all know change is inevitable. You can either work with it and have it at least done properly, or you can fight it and have it happen anyway with a less pleasing result.

5. Is there anything else about your candidacy that Katy News readers should know?

Nothing else to add.