Katy ISD Voters Approve $609 Million Bond Package

By George Slaughter

Katy Independent School District voters Tuesday approved a $609 million bond package that will be used for the construction of six new schools and upgrade and renovation of 61 others.

In unofficial results tabulated at 9 p.m. Monday, 66% of the voters were in favor of the proposal.

In a statement, Katy ISD Superintendent Dr. Lance Hindt said that Katy was the second fastest growing school district in Texas.

“Families continue to move to Katy because of the quality learning opportunities our teachers and staff provide to each and every student,” Hindt’s statement said. “This bond will help to ensure that our community’s expectations for high educational standards in schools are maintained now, and well into the future.”

District officials said new schools were necessary as enrollment continues to grow. Before Hurricane Harvey, officials said the district’s enrollment was 77,233 students. Since then, the enrollment has grown to 77,580 students.

District officials expect enrollment to be approximately 100,000 students by 2026.

Of total $609 million bond, approximately $449 million, or 74%, is for six new schools—one high school, two junior high schools, and three elementary schools.

Other items covered include component replacements, comprehensive renovation, safety and security improvements, school expansions, technology, and other expenses, such as replacing fuel tanks at the school bus depot.

The district said 61 schools are slated for work.

Some opponents had called for a delay in the bond issue in the aftermath of the hurricane, or for simply rezoning the high school attendance areas.

District officials said that delaying the bond issue would have cost an additional $50 million in inflationary costs for the same bond, and would not have delayed the 2,800-3,000 students enrolling in the district every year. They said that rezoning would require another rezoning effort in three to four years, with another one needed later on.