Working Lunch Series highlights innovative sales tactics to small businesses

As a salesperson, time doesn’t wait for you or your business. You need to stay ahead of the competition reaching your markets or you will become obsolete. Understanding how sales has evolved and how to keep competitive was the focus of the Working Lunch Series hosted by Central Fort Bend Chamber at Fort Bend Country Club on May 18th.

Guest Speaker Rob Thompson of TruCore Business Development presented on sales effectiveness including ways of communication, differences in buyer types, making sales your competitive advantage, importance of having a sales process, and more. “A sales person should develop a sales approach and processes for sales calls that create value, engage the buyer, and get their attention,” says Thompson. The seminar covered the various changes in technology for social selling, inbound marketing and how to generate more top leads and opportunities. Thompson continued, “Technology [social media] has introduced a different level of communication that creates challenges if not used correctly. However, good old fashion cold calling is still effective with persistence and the right approach.” The seminar closed with some actionable insights that can be used immediately – increasing sales and enhancing engagement.

Thompson is an expert in sales, sales operations, sales effectiveness, and sales team leadership. His consulting process applies passionate practices that win for companies and individuals seeking to achieve more.

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The Central Fort Bend Chamber’s Working Lunch Series focuses on technical education topics for small business and is held the third Thursday of each month. The next seminar is on emergency preparedness for small businesses. Learn how to prepare and cope with natural and man-made disasters that could affect your business and everyday life.

The cost of the luncheon is $25 for Chamber members and $35 for non-members.

For more information on how to sponsor or register, go to or call the Chamber at 281-342-5464.

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IMG_1984                  (left to right): Matt Breazeale, Jones|Carter; Rene Casanova, Casanova Insurance; Tom Crayton, Crayton & Vilt, PLLC


IMG_1981                  (left to right): Matt Breazeale, Jones|Carter; Mona Parikh, Keller Williams; Tom Crayton, Crayton & Vilt, PLLC


IMG_2003                  (left to right): Regina Morales, Central Fort Bend Chamber; Rob Thompson, TruCore Business Development


IMG_2007                  (left to right): Ann Bivin, Brazos Valley Schools Credit Union; Amaris Kinsy, Greenway Cleaning Solutions; Tom Crayton, Crayton & Vilt, PLLC; Tom Skupnjak, CPG Energy; Marla Jurek, Brazose Valley Schools Credit Union; Rob Thompson, TruCore Business Development; Rene Casanova, Casanova Insurance; Mark Bratton, Bratton Pools; Maggie Castillo, Bratton Pools; Veronica Mendoza, Bratton Pools; Mona Parikh, Kellwe Williams; Joel Raymond, GreenScape Associates, LLC; Matt Breazeale, Jones|Carter; Chris Prewitt, GreenScape Associates, LLC