Youth in Philanthropy Making a Difference for Child Advocates of Fort Bend

On Saturday, January 14, seventeen students from The George Foundation’s Youth In Philanthropy (YIP) Program helped Child Advocates of Fort Bend (CAFB) with several critical projects. The YIP “Dream Team” painted canvases for the interview rooms in the Children’s Advocacy Center at CAFB, sorted, catalogued and organized donations for the agency’s children’s care room, organized toys and games in the children’s play area, labeled envelopes for their upcoming Gala mailing and participated in interviews and PSAs for the agency’s social media efforts.

“We love participating in the YIP Program. Not only do the projects that they do for us help us and save us money, I think we learn as much from the students as they do from us,” stated Child Advocates of Fort Bend CEO Ruthanne Mefford. “The canvases they painted will not only brighten the space, but the colors and shapes they painted will be used by the agency’s forensic interviewers in assessing young children who are being interviewed to determine their cognitive level. Organizing and cataloguing donations and toys is such a huge help toward helping us to identify what we have for the children and what our needs are. Their help with the labeling will enable us to get our mailing out on schedule and on budget as we would otherwise have to find volunteers or have paid staff get the project done. Furthermore, their help with the social media piece is invaluable. We anticipate that not only will it help us get our message about child abuse and internet safety out to and heard by youth but it will greatly assist in extending our social media reach.”